The Elder Scrolls Online – Road Ahead & Undaunted pledges

The Elder Scrolls Online - Road Ahead & Undaunted pledges.

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First of all we must mention that Game Director Matt Firor looks back and forward and speaks about the past and future of ESO. There are some talks around however the important work the studio has done is in the list below:

  • Made in-game chat much more peaceful by implementing many different lines of defense against black market gold farmers, spammers, and botters

  • Fixed a far-reaching quest bug that prevented quests from advancing properly—a bug that plagued us through the first few weeks of launch

  • Released Craglorn, our first major update, with new Veteran Ranks, a new zone for veteran players to explore, and 12-player Trials

  • Released many Veteran Dungeons, giving veteran-ranked players the ability to experience new adventures that add to the dungeon storylines introduced in earlier levels

  • Re-designed many of the delves throughout Tamriel to be larger and more challenging

  • Introduced the Dragonstar Arena, which presents four-player groups with a progression of challenging PvE encounters

  • Introduced new quality-of-life systems like the ability to dye your armor, new upgraded conversation and face animations, guild tabards, chat bubbles, and much more

  • Smoothed combat animations and timing, which is an ongoing process

  • Reconfigured Campaigns in Cyrodiil to make them shorter and more interesting

  • Made repeatable dungeon and crafting quests, and implemented scaling dungeon difficulty

  • We’ve found (and are still finding!) solutions and are always applying changes to rectify our mistakes– we aren’t perfect, and this process will be ongoing, but we’re committed to continually improving the ESO experience

  • Worked to increase our overall transparency and communication with you, our community, which is also a continuing effort

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Update 6 is coming in January. It will be a big one and should bring the Champion System and the Justice system.

The Champion System will include the new post-level 50 veteran progression changes we’ve been talking about for a few months now. We’ve done preparation work for the Champion System in updates 4 and 5, and Update 6 will include phase 3 of the system. This phase includes the ability to spend points in Champion Passives and many ability changes that complement the system.

In the Justice System there will be implemented in the game new PvE features like stealing and killing NPCs and later on PvP part will be added.

There is still no official console launch date but all the system above must be fully integrated before the game will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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And now comes the Undaunted Pledges.

With the new Update 5 you can get new rewards from the Undaunted chests. 

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You must finish a particular dungeon (with optional objectives) and for these difficult tasks you will get a bronze, silver or gold key. The chests contain a variety of helpful loot: "…from valuable Ornate items and soul gems to unique items sets and attention-grabbing shoulder pieces fashioned from the very brutes you’ve slain (you can get the helms that go with them from the bosses themselves)!"

You can start completing the quests starting from level 45 and later more difficult ones from Veteran Rank 1.

To read a little bit more visit the official site.

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