Elder Scrolls Online: Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide

This Scrivener's Hall Dungeon Guide for The Elder Scrolls Online breaks down every single boss in the dungeon and gives you tips for how to play around their mechanics. It also shows you how to find the optional minibosses, unlock the vault, and battle the Cartoqueen, a secret boss in Scrivener's Hall.

Scrivener's Hall Dungeon Guide: Elder Scrolls Online

Scrivener’s Hall is a new dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online‘s Scribes of Fate DLC. Those brave enough to venture within will be confronted by corrupted members of the Scribes of Mora and their new leader, Valinna. Powerful battlemages, fearsome daedric monsters and more await players hunting precious loot and collectibles. Our Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide will show you everything you need to know before you set foot in this dangerous new area.

Scrivener’s Hall is just west of the subzone Smokefrost Peaks Dolmen, located in the Rift, realm of Skyrim. It features an NPC named Mazandi, who will fill you in on what happened to the Scribes of Mora and even help you in the final boss fight. Keep in mind that DLC dungeons tend to be very difficult and have a minimum level requirement of 45. You can read more about Scrivener’s Hall in this preview by the Elder Scrolls Online team, or watch the gameplay trailer below.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Scribes of Fate Gameplay Trailer

Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide Boss 1: Riftmaster Naqri

Riftmaster Naqri is the first boss you’ll encounter in Scrivener’s Hall. He is a spellcaster with powerful group-wide attacks that can easily catch unsuspecting players off guard. Coordinate with your team carefully to anticipate these attacks and minimize damage.

  • Normal Difficulty HP: 3.4 million
  • Veteran Difficulty HP: 5.4 million
  • Hard Mode Difficulty HP: 9.2 million

Riftmaster Naqri Codexes

Riftmaster Naqri will summon one of three codexes at 85% HP, 55% HP, and 35% HP. Each codex has a unique effect, constantly deals damage to everyone and will spawn Conjured Illusions next to every member of your group. In order to remove the codex, two players will have to interact with shining books on the shelves surrounding Riftmaster Naqri. These shining books can be found by following projectiles that spawn from the codex itself. Your damage dealers should always be the players finding the shining books. The tank will need to keep Riftmaster Naqri taunted while the healer restores their health.

  • Freezing Codex: This codex appears as a yellow tome that deals frost damage. The Conjured Illusions from this codex will inflict heavy attacks and force you to block instead of dodge rolling.
  • Burning Codex: This codex is red and, unlike the Freezing Codex, deals flame damage. The Conjured Illusions will channel attacks which cannot be dodged or blocked. Instead, you’ll have to turn and interrupt them, or suffer the full damage from their attack.
  • Poisonous Codex: The final codex is green and deals poison damage to players. In order to avoid attacks from the Conjured Illusions, you’ll have to dodge roll out of their AOE.
Riftmaster Naqri using the green Poisonous Codex to attack - Scrivener's Hall Dungeon Guide

The color of Riftmaster Naqri’s Codex determines its effect.

Incendiary Literature

At 70% HP, Riftmaster Naqri will teleport away and spawn a green circle on the ground. Unless someone stands in the circle, it will explode and deal a large amount of damage to the entire group. Your best bet is to have the tank stand in this circle and block, sustaining a minor amount of damage and protecting the group. Ideally, your healer will anticipate this and restore the tank’s health after the fact.

Note: On hard mode, Riftmaster Naqri will spawn two circles. If you’re playing on hard mode, have your healer stand in the second circle, as your damage dealers will be less able to restore their health and compensate for the damage.

Book Torrent

This attack appears as a circle of books that swirl around Riftmaster Naqri. Book Torrent will also send circles of frost across the room that act as smaller AOE attacks. Being caught in either of these spells will deal massive damage, but both are easy to avoid. Players can either block or jump over the frost circles, though this is only advisable for tanky characters. It is also possible to taunt Riftmaster Naqri away from Book Torrent, which will make him easier to deal with.


Throughout the battle, Riftmaster Naqri will summon enemies to aid him: the Battlescribe Serpent Caller and the Battlescribe Magma Melder. An archer and mage respectively, these enemies are more of a nuisance than a threat to your group. You can either have your DPS deal with them quickly or ignore them to focus on Riftmaster Naqri.

The Codex's rune will appear on the screen during your battle.

The Codex’s rune will appear on the screen during your battle.

Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide Boss 2: Ozezan the Inferno

Ozezan the Inferno is an Infernium, a species of large insectoid monsters. Her attacks have large AOEs that can be difficult to avoid. She is especially difficult on Hard Mode, which grants her additional mechanics in addition to increased health and damage.

  • Normal Difficulty HP: 4.5 million
  • Veteran Difficulty HP: 7.3 million
  • Hard Mode Difficulty HP: 13.2 million
Ozezan the Inferno is a giant insect-like creature that towers over the players and attacks ferociously. - Scrivener's Hall Dungeon Guide

Ozezan the Inferno uses many AoE attacks to deal damage to players.

Vile Secretions

Vile Secretions is a cone attack that targets the tank for three seconds. Once completed, it leaves a low DoT that your healer can easily counter. Vile Secretions cannot be dodged, so your tank will have to block it for the full duration to mitigate damage.


Ozezan will burrow down, causing an explosion that leaves a huge pool of lava on the ground. She will then teleport to either the opposite side of the arena or the middle. If she appears on the side, she will fire lasers at all four members of your group. Be ready to dodge roll when this happens.

If Ozezan appears in the middle, she will start drawing all group members toward her. This will instakill any player who gets too close. When she appears in the middle, all players should stay on the sides of the arena to avoid being drawn in.


Ozezan summons Broodlings on the ground that you can kill by walking over. Each Broodling grants a stacking movement speed buff that is very helpful for dealing with Ozezan’s mobility. Depending on how many you kill, she will eventually spawn Evolved Broodlings (although this number can be zero). The Evolved Broodlings are weak but will drain your stamina with their light attacks. After some time, they will move to the sides of the arena and begin dealing constant flame damage to all players. This attack cannot be blocked, so be sure to deal with them quickly.

Note: On hard mode, at least one Evolved Broodling will always spawn. You must kill them quickly, or your tank won’t have enough stamina to block Vile Secretions.

Blood Boil (Hard Mode Only)

This attack fires red lines at all members of your group. Everyone must dodge roll this attack. Failing to dodge will inflict a powerful DoT that can easily overwhelm your healer. In addition, it will spawn a Corpulent Coagulant, which can stun you if you aren’t blocking.

Iron Atronach (Hard Mode Only)

Once Ozezan hits 35% HP, she will spawn an Iron Atronach inside a lava pool. The Iron Atronach doesn’t deal that much damage; as such, it shouldn’t be your priority in this fight. If you kill it, however, another will spawn when Ozezan reaches 15% HP.

Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide Boss 3: Valinna & Lamikhai

The final boss battle of Scrivener’s Hall is a deadly twosome with Valinna and her giant spider Lamikhai. Lamikhai will attack first, and the two will take turns as the fight progresses. Even when Valinna isn’t actively fighting, she will continually throw fireballs at random members of your group. Lamikhai, on the other hand, can inflict a powerful DoT even with his light attacks. Be prepared for a long battle with multiple phases.

  • Normal Difficulty HP: 3.6 million
  • Veteran Difficulty HP: 13.3 million
  • Hard Mode Difficulty HP: 24.7 million
Valinna & Lamikhai are a joint boss battle for you to overcome in Scrivener's Hall.

Valinna & Lamikhai are a joint boss battle for you to overcome in Scrivener’s Hall.


Thirst turns Lamikhai bright red and causes him to deal much more damage per attack. When this happens, Mazandi will spawn a field of ice on the opposite side of the room. Your tank has to taunt Lamikhai and lure him into this ice, which will calm him down and stop his onslaught of strong attacks.

Rain of Fire

This attack puts a red marker over one member of your group. After a few seconds, an AoE will spawn below them, dealing damage. To avoid this, move away from other members of your group and stay out of the AOE. On hard mode, all four members of the group will receive the marker; in this case, everyone should try and stick to the sides of the room.


On occasion, two spiders will drop from the ceiling during the battle. They are fairly weak and meant to distract your damage dealers from killing Valinna or Lamikhai. It’s best to ignore them and focus on the boss, as your healer should be able to compensate for the extra damage.

Ensnaring Spider

Lamikhai will summon a giant spider, which will stun one of your group members and draw them in. You must kill the spider before it finishes pulling your group member in. Your teammate cannot break free and, if the spider isn’t killed, they will be killed instantly. Make sure your damage dealers react quickly and finish off the spider before this happens.

This is the final arena in Scrivener's Hall, where you face Valinna alone.

This is the final arena in Scrivener’s Hall, where you face Valinna alone.

Blistering Heat

Valinna will charge this attack, then channel a cone at the tank. The cone increases in damage over five seconds and cannot be dodge rolled, so your tank will have to block it. On hard mode, additional AoEs will spawn beneath the tank.

Immolation Trap

Valinna will create AoEs around two members of your group (three in hard mode), after which the trap will spawn. If any member of your group crosses the trap’s line, it will explode and deal heavy damage to anyone nearby. If the AoE spawns on you, stay inside of it until it disappears. This will protect you and your group from further harm.


Ignite inflicts an eight-second DoT on all four group members. Your healer should be prepared for this and counter it with a strong AoE spell to restore the group’s health.


A meteor will fall from the sky, damaging anyone close to where it lands. If it isn’t destroyed fast enough, it will explode, dealing damage and knocking everyone back. Valinna will only use this attack in the last phase of the battle.

Flaming Boulders (Hard Mode Only)

Three boulders will appear at the edges of the arena. After a few seconds, they’ll roll through it, knocking back anyone in their path. The boulders can be blocked, but players caught off guard could easily fall off the arena. Like Meteor, this only happens in the final phase.

Concept art of the Runecarver's Blaze light armor set in Elder Scrolls Online, unique gear from Scrivener's Hall. - Scrivener's Hall Dungeon Guide

Concept art of the Runecarver’s Blaze light armor set, unique gear from Scrivener’s Hall.

Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide Miniboss: Cartoklept

There are various side passages throughout Scrivener’s Hall. In some of these side passages, the Cartoklepts will spawn. Dealing enough damage to a Cartoklept will cause it to run away; if you fail to kill it, it will teleport to one of the other possible spawn points. Once you defeat a Cartoklept it will drop a key, which can be used to open the chests located inside the vault at the beginning of the dungeon. These chests grant additional rewards to players. Two Cartoklepts will spawn per run of Scrivener’s Hall, so you’re able to collect two keys at a time.

Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide Secret Boss: Cartoqueen

The Cartoqueen spawns inside the vault, which you’ll need keys from Cartoklepts to open. To fight her, you’ll need to open twenty chests total, which requires…more keys. She’s not a particularly difficult boss, especially compared to those inside the dungeon itself. Defeating her will drop a treasure map which, when followed, will award the player a Cartoklept Map. This tool reveals Cartoklept locations inside Scrivener’s Hall.

Reinfyr is an NPC who will open the vault for you in Scrivener's Hall.

Reinfyr is an NPC who will open the vault for you in Scrivener’s Hall.

That’s all for our Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide. If you’re new to ESO, check out these common beginner mistakes to get started. The Scribes of Fate DLC is available now for PC and will become available for Xbox and PlayStation on March 28th, 2023. Best of luck in your adventures through Tamriel and beyond!

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