The Elder Scrolls Online – Buy to Play is coming

The Elder Scrolls Online - Buy to Play is coming in March.

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It's official. The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be Buy to Play. It will take the same concept which is successful for Guild Wars 2. Just buy the game once and play as you want. There will some slight limitation but still these days when only the minimum of games can afford to be Pay to Play is this step very logical and probably decided many months ago. 

Many players said before the launch that they will wait until the game will change the system because they didn't want to pay every month quite a lot of money. And in just few months these hesitating players can buy the game without worries and enjoy the world of Tamriel.

However you will be able to pay every month if you choose so. You can buy for the subscription fee 1500 crowns (new virtual currency) a month and use it in the game's store. Also every existing player will get 500 crowns for free and additional 100 crowns for every month they've been subscribed since launch. Active subscription will also grant you the access to all future DLC. All the existing Updates up to Update 6 wil be part of the core game and free of charge.

Of course all these steps are connected with the launch of the game on June 9th for PS4 and Xbox One.

Tamriel Unlimited launch is planned for March 17th.

Christina Gonzalez from MMORPG wrote an interesting article where she thinks more about the current status and what this change will bring. And if it is done at the right time or will make players angry. Read more here.

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