The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter DLC Out Monday

The upcoming ESO werewolf-themed expansion, titled Wolfhunter, is set to be released on Monday August 13th. Wolfhunter will include two new four-player dungeons: Moon Hunter, in which you fight against hordes of were-creatures, and March of Sacrifices, where your team must take down an Indrik on the hunting grounds of the Daedric Prince Hircine. After completing the dungeons, you will be able to obtain new monster masks, gear sets and other unique items.

In addition, Zenimax Online teased the game’s next expansion, called Murkmire, which is set for a release this Autumn/Fall. In Murkmire, you will travel to the so-called ‘untamed wilds’ of Black Marsh, the home of the Argonians. Little is known about the expansion, but the trailer at the bottom can give us a brief insight into what can be expected.

Furthermore, an update will be released in cohesion with Wolfhunter bringing a new Battlegrounds map, that is very different to other maps due to it being semi-symmetrical making map knowledge essential. To see the full details regarding Wolfhunter and Update 19, check out the game’s official blog.

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