7 Common Beginner Mistakes in The Elder Scrolls Online

Check out 7 common mistakes made by beginners in The Elder Scrolls Online. After reading this guide, you will realise how easy mistakes you make while playing ESO. Let's get rid of your mistakes and take advantage of the opportunities that ESO provides.

7 Common Beginner Mistakes in The Elder Scrolls OnlineIn The Elder Scrolls Online, there are some quests and features of which many beginners are not aware. However, those quests and features provide great advantage for earning more experience. As a result of this, these players lose time when they need to complete, craft or achieve something in the game as they do not meet the required level of anything they need at the right time. For this reason, now it is time to learn and take lessons from the mistakes. Let’s check 7 common beginner mistakes in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Not Upgrading Mount in Time

When a new character is created in The Elder Scrolls Online, the speed of the character is one of the greatest problems in the game. For this reason, you definitely need to begin to upgrade your mount as soon as possible. 

7 Common Beginner Mistakes in The Elder Scrolls Online - Mount Riding Skills

Mount Riding Skills

As you have to wait for 20 hours to upgrade one of the mount skills after you have upgraded one, it takes a lot of time to max out the skills of your mount in The Elder Scrolls Online. For instance, it takes 60 days to max out one of the skills of it. Therefore, it takes 180 days to max out all the skills including speed, stamina and carrying capacity. In conclusion, as it has been mentioned, the sooner you start upgrading your mount the more quality in-game performance you experience.

Trying to Pick a Gear Set at Low Level

Some beginners join a trade guild, and they encounter many various quality gears and weapons while they are in the market. As a result of that, some of these players are affected by the power of those gears. As a consequence of this incident, they instantly buy whatever they desire. However, this is a terrible way of spending gold and having a quality gear. In other words, it is a waste of time and gold. For this reason, never ever buy a gear set or a weapon until you reach 160 CP in The Elder Scrolls Online.

7 Common Beginner Mistakes in The Elder Scrolls Online - Items


Upgrading Items at Low Level

This point resembles to previous one in terms of taking action too early to have better gear or weapon. Some beginners again waste their resources and gold to upgrade an item’s rarity. As a consequence of this mistake, those players in The Elder Scrolls Online suffer from not having enough resources when they need them. In order to prevent that, never upgrade your items’ rarity before reaching 160 CP as you will have replace your low items anyway. 

Not Researching Traits of Items

Although many players are not aware of how significant crafting research is, they realise that after they have reached 160 CP. Researching traits also takes a lot of time just like upgrading mount. For example, some traits require days or weeks to research. For this reason, it is crucial to begin those researches as soon as possible. Therefore, let’s start researching traits and not get upset after 160 CP.

7 Common Beginner Mistakes in The Elder Scrolls Online - Crafting Research

Crafting Research

Another point which may help you about this issue is that there are some AddOns which show which traits that you have not researched yet and when a research ends. You can simply find these AddOns on ESOUI. Lastly, if you are new to game and do not know how to install AddOns, you can check my previous The Elder Scrolls Online guide about installing AddOns.

Not Joining NPC Guilds

There are some NPC guilds which you have to join and improve in their skills like Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, Undaunted, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood’s Guild, and Psijic Order. In spite of the fact that you do not need to take part in all of those guilds, you will certainly have to join some of them in order to complete your endgame build depending on what type of character that you want to build. 

7 Common Beginner Mistakes in The Elder Scrolls Online - Mages Guild

Mages Guild

Another important point about that mistake is that it really takes a lot of time and effort in order to fully complete the quests of a guild. Nevertheless, you have to grind anyway for your best build. For this reason, many experienced players in The Elder Scrolls Online recommend to start and complete daily quests of a guild as early as possible.

Wasting Undaunted Keys

There are some gears which you have to get in order to fully reach your endgame build. However, you will struggle to get these gears when you need them because of the fact that you simply open chests and get a random item with a random trait from those chests. In addition to that, there are many different chests that you can open for getting a random gear and this variety means that you will definitely need so many Undaunted Keys in order to get the item which you want. 

7 Common Mistakes in ESO - Undaunted Keys

Undaunted Keys and Chests

Completing Undaunted quests provides Undaunted Keys you players. Nevertheless, some of the beginner players in The Elder Scrolls Online waste these crucial keys by opening chests before reaching 160 CP. As a result of this mistake, they earn an item which they will definitely deconstruct or throw to garbage can. In conclusion, decide what build you will follow and use these keys after you have reached 160 CP.

Not Taking Advantage of Food and Drink Buffs

In order to boost the power of your build and character, you beginner players absolutely have to take advantage of food and drink in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is important to use your resources to craft those consumable items depending on what type of character you wish to play in terms of both PVE and PVP.

7 Common Mistakes in ESO - Food and Drink

Food and Drink Buffs

If you are lower level than 160 CP, you can use any food and drink you find while exploring the world or dungeons. However, you certainly have to choose a specific food or drink for your build after you have achieved to reach 160 CP. In conclusion, these consumable items are a must for the best experience in the game. 

And this is the end of 7 Common Beginner Mistakes in The Elder Scrolls Online guide. I hope the guide has worked for you and helped you by preventing wasting your time, gold and effort in vain. 

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