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Star Citizen – AC 0.9.2 Released

Star Citizen - AC 0.9.2 Released.

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There are many new features in the Arena Commander 0.9.2. Apart from numerous bug fixes the most important updates are following:

  • ITTS Enhancements – A significant change has been made in the way the targeting computer predicts the impact points of each weapon equipped on a ship.

  • Improvements to the Targeting HUD – The new targeting reticle is now comprised of four individual brackets which align along the longitudinal axis of the target ship, along with a forward cone. This will give a clearer indication of the target’s orientation.

  • Enhanced Stick Precision – The players are better able to track their targets and perform finer precision movements when aiming. E.S.P. was designed primarily for the gamepad sticks and joystick devices, but it has also been adapted for both virtual joystick and relative mouse modes as well. 

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New Flight Controls & Mod:

Dynamic Zoom

Drag to Move

Target Focus

Look Ahead


Gimbal Lock

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