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Star Citizen – official roguelike game!

Star Citizen - official roguelike game!

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Do you know that there is a simple roguelike game on the official site? It is a little bit hidden in the news with The Anvil Carrack but if you scroll down there is a button which will get you directly to the game. If you want to name your crew then go to the news and do so.

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How is the game played? Quite easily. You just scroll down with your mouse and "explore" the universe. Then from time to time new event pops up and you must choose what to do from 2 possibilities. This way you continue in your journey and experience the feeling of exploration. Or at least a little bit :-).

The ship has hull which can be damaged, fuel to deplete, days to count and morale of your crew to take care of.

Enjoy the game for yourself and let us know about your space stories!

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Heh, good game :-). Did you release the other crew from the slavery?

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