Star Citizen – August Monthly Report

Star Citizen - August Monthly Report - quite a long and interesting summary of August.

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It is impossible to write news in these long article. But there are pieces of updates from many guys in the development. 

Travis Day (Producer) talks about everthing, Squadron 42, new HUD, multicrew combat, physics etc.

Eric Peterson (Studio Director) describes more about art, cinematics, animation, design of the universe, publishing and programming. 

Erin Roberts (Studio Director) about design of Squadron 42, new artists, programming director and audio development.

Mathieu Beaulieu (Producer) about hangars. They will never be so shallow but full of your personal stuff.

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Benoit Beauséjour (Founder) talks about the ships. There was released a new ship catalog and made a store revamp.

Matthew Jack (Founder) speaks about Moon Collider. You could saw it at Gamescon demo (below). There are some work being done on Vanduul Swarm Coop mode too. On the FPS combat front there are continous work on the AI and animations.

What to expect in the coming days? Leaderboards of fighters, organizations and later also beautiful Star map.

If you haven't seen the Gamescon presentation you should do it now.

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