Star Citizen – $55 million letter

Star Citizen - $55 million letter.

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It's here again. New record. $55 million funded. Star Citizen is by far the largest crowdfunded game of all time or rather crowdfunded anything of all time. And that is written in the Guinness Book of World Records.

What's in the past reward? New Reclaimer ship to salvage everything flying in the universe. And the interest for these type of ops is big so salvaging is a promising future.

And right now you all are rewared by Ballistic Gatling – Preacher Armament Inquisition XXII: Preacher’s Inquisition XXII is the weapon to turn to when you want complete target saturation.

Maybe you ask what the hell is happening to all the money got from the community? Truth is that all the money are given back to the development. So the simple point of view of making profit even before anything is made is not the good one. At least by the words of Chris.

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How many employees do you think that Star Citizen pays? 280 right now. And that is only because of fans. And even if the source of money would go dry tomorrow there is enough to finish the game. Star Citizen was supposed to be a massive space sim and it still is. But right now the income makes it more possible to be the best space universe in which you will live and die for a long, long time. And there are many benefits of this type of financing. Because the game could be launched in modules and even there are many features added every day there is no release date. Everything is tested continuously and implemented day by day, week by week. Which is a big plus versus typical game launches.

And whats in the next voting? What role you would like to see for our fourth wave of ships. So vote for your favorite role!

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