Star Citizen – 10 for the chairman ep. 46 is out!

Star Citizen - 10 for the chairman ep. 46 is out!

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What's in the new 10 for the chairman???

  1. Have you considered handling the capture of criminal player characters in a similar fashion to the death mechanics?

  2. Will corpses in FPS have hit boxes?

  3. If you will get back barely alive from a mission and without any money left, what do you do if you can't even refuel your ship?

  4. Can players expect to see comets flying around in SC?

  5. If I will have a cybernetic arm will EMP grenade make me to loose control over the limb?

  6. Will we be able to manipulate our environments to better suit us in combat? E.g. with tractor beams.

  7. Will beds still have a functional purpose in the PU? What about toilets and showers? Will they by just for decoration or will they provide specific benefit for gameplay?

  8. What kind of mechanics do you have in mind for science and how do you see science being profitable/interesting? How big of an impact our science will have on the verse?

  9. Is there a possibility to choose our "home" on a planet? Can we discover a beautiful planet and decide that we we want to set up camp on the planet and live there? Can we build or buy our home / hangar and place it on the planet?

  10. How often do you envision average players dying and being replaced by their heirs?

Check the whole video to get the answers because it is not simply possible to reproduce them. Chris Roberts is talking about many facts around all the commented issues and questions so it's better to hear it directly from him.

10 for the Chairman: Episode 46 (2014.11.24)

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