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Star Citizen – Arena Commander 1.0 released

Star Citizen - Arena Commander 1.0 released.

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Finally the Arena Commander 1.0 was released. But beware it has 20 GB! And even with good connections the patch could easily be downloading many hours. Count with it.

Have you ever wanted to own a manual? Now you can. Download the official one here.

The final patch notes can be found in an easy way on reddit.

And what have we got in the latest release??


New user-interface. In the future the game will get many unigue and diversifying HUDs for different ships and the current status is just a first step on the road ahead.

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Missiles shouldn't exist just for one purpose. To blow your enemy. And in 1.0 the different uses of these small killing machines are getting back to the basics and will be improved much more in the future to come.

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Signature System

Most objects in the Universe generate a detectable signature of some sort. How should the game react to it? What is the difference between a missile or an NPC chasing you? There are 3 different measured signatures right now in the game.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

In science and engineering, signal-to-noise ratio is a value that compares the level of a given signal to the amount of background noise. More specifically, it is the ratio of a signal’s power to the background noise’s power. A ratio higher than 1:1 means that there is more signal than noise and that for our purposes an object is more readily detected. In simplest terms, SNR is a value that distinguishes an object from the background.

Check the picture for more details.

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No. You can't hear this noise. But even in space there is a noise. Different but still important. 

At present, every Star Citizen map contains a default level of noise intended to mimic background cosmic radiation. That’s the general noise present throughout the universe, the general static of the universe that is generated by countless of stars, black holes, quasars and the like. But in addition to a default level of cosmic radiation, Star Citizen is capable of altering the noise on a case by case basis. Imagine flying through an electromagnetic storm, or a gaseous nebula, or into a gravity well. The background noise will increase, often significantly. The SNR ratio will be impacted and the game will make it easier (or, occasionally, harder) for players to keep their ships undetected.


Right now, there are three types of signals in Star Citizen. Infrared, electromagnetic and cross section. And everything counts to the overall "S". If you want more details then visit the official site (link at the bottom of the article).

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It's quite a lot of new featured added. But honestly there are still many months to go when all of these complex elements will fit in and new living universe will come alive. But at least we are on the right track.

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