Star Citizen – Arena Commander v0.9 is out

Star Citizen - Arena Commander v0.9 is out. Coop and Racing!

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The patch has about 15 GB and the download speed is not perfect. So be ready to patch the game for few hours at least.

But then what you will get?


You can try to win Murray Cup against other players or your friends. Test your skills!

Vanduul Swarm Coop

Finaly you can play against Swarm together with 3 more friends.

Friend Codes

You can start to build up your friend list and group with others.


Who's the best? How much do you have to improve to climb the ladder?

Then there are 2 new flyable ships mainly for racing.


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There are also New Hangars


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Revel & York

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There are alos many game improvements.

Six degrees of freedom – flight model with 6 DOF controls are implemented.

New control schemes – you can select between popular preset schemes.

HUD improvements – some significant improvements to the combat viso interface. Navigation is more streamlined with usable mouse cursor etc.

Lead Target Indicator – you can see now where you should shoot to hit and it is now more on your skills than before.

Fixed Weapons and Convergence – Class one weapon mounts are preoperly fixed forwared and no longer gimbal.

Improved ship performance – every speed got increased top speed and acceleration has been reworked.

Improved sound – many new sound effects so the universe should feel more immersive. 

As you can see there are many news and if you are a backer then don't hesitate and log in the game and fly!

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