Star Citizen – 10 for the chairman ep. 36

Star Citizen - 10 for the chairman ep. 36. List of 10 new questions for Chris.

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What is Chris answering in the new epizode? Interesting questions were prepared as usually.

1. Can data stored on your ship's computer be lost due to object destruction or compromised by a hacker? Would such a hacker require physical access to your ship's computre? What do you envision the hacking/cyberwarefare element of Star Citizen to look like?

2. Once the PU is live will be able to take jobs on board NPC ships?

3. Since we have rovers for some of the Constellations (and maybe other ships as well) will there be different sizes for other options? Also how big an area do you foresee in game will be able to use these rovers to exlore or if you don't want to give a rough early ballpark how do you foresee us players using them?

4. What if some of the people on board have it set to more PvE (slider in the PU) and others have it set to more PvP, who will take precedent?

5. With racing taking place in multiple systems across the verse in the PU how will the M50, Mustang, and 350R owners get their racer from one system to another?

6. Will we be able to see our alternative character slot NPC's in our hangar as a living breathing entity, not just a character slot we can customize?

7. The Murray Cp Racing demo at Gamescon showed us flying structures and holograms that were used to indicate the course of the race track. Will it be possible for players to rent or buy these devices later in the Persisten Universe to build own temporary racint tracks through asteroid fileds, for example?

8. Do you rely on any Guiding Principles when making game design decisions? You've referenced "this is what would happen in real life" a few times so I take that as one but do you have any others that guide your problem solving?

9. Will there be physical limitations to the effectiveness of weaponry against various levels of armor? Eg. will snub-fighter cannons be ineffective against larger scale vessels?

10. Will planets have varying gravity? If I visit a planet with greater, or less gravity than that of Earth, will it affect how I walk on it? Will it slow me down, or let me jump higher? How exactly will this effect compact?

10 for the Chairman: Episode 36 (2014.09.08)

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