Ninth Metroid Dread Report is a Bag of Tips

The ninth Metroid Dread Report is loaded with tips. While most are geared towards newer players, some will be useful to everyone diving into the new game. This is especially true in regard to some of the game's new features like Dash Melee and map enhancements.

Ninth Metroid Dread Report is a Bag of Tips

The ninth Metroid Dread Report is full of tips geared a bit more toward new players. The overall story is reviewed when you start up the game. As a result, it’s not necessary to go play the previous 2D games before this one. The first section of the new report just contains a quick story summary, followed by the controls for Samus’ most basic abilities. So naturally, I’ll skip over that stuff. Meanwhile, the previous Metroid Dread report covered Planet ZDR, where Samus’ latest mission begins on the game’s October 8th launch day.

Samus can slide through narrow gaps if you press ZL while running. Meanwhile, the Melee Counter from Metroid: Samus Returns is back (press X). However, if you perform this move while running, Samus will now unleash the new Dash Melee. It can dish out damage to your foes, and allow you to quickly rush in to hit them with a counterattack. Free aim is also back from Metroid: Samus Returns (L+Left Stick), allowing you to aim in any direction, even while running.

The dev team had this to say in the report:

One of our goals when developing Metroid Dread has been to allow for organic connections between actions. Take the Melee Counter, for example: not only do they create the chance to unleash a powerful follow-up attack, you can get a higher-than-usual yield of ammo and energy items, which just might help you turn the tide in battle. Plus, it’s just really exhilarating to land a Melee Counter, so please try doing it whenever you can! In the first area, some enemies can be defeated with a single Dash Melee, which is a great opportunity to experience the excitement of seamlessly taking out the enemies in your way as you explore.

Helpful New Map Features Aid Exploration

Metroid Dread has made some significant enhancements to the map screen. One such tip is the new Icon Highlight feature on the in-game map. Select an icon and press your Y button to highlight all similar icons on the map. This allows you to quickly locate similar points of interest. Plus, you can also highlight all doors that can be opened with a certain beam type.

Another useful map tip is that you can place markers on it to help you remember points of interest. Furthermore, if an area still contains one or more hidden items, it will glow on your map screen. These new features will make the map an indispensable tool to aid in your exploration of the Metroid Dread world.

Metroid Dread - Trailer 2 - Nintendo Switch

As you explore Planet ZDR in Metroid Dread, another tip deals with map rooms. These are places where you can download map data for the area you’re in, like in previous games. However, Metroid Dread added a change. After downloading the map data for an area, the map room can function as a save room. Beyond these rooms, you’ll also encounter Network Stations. These are where you’ll talk to Adam, just like in Metroid Fusion. This allows Samus to gain important intelligence information. It will also be helpful in deciding where you should head next.

Finally, Nintendo has also confirmed that a tenth Metroid Dread Report is coming. This one will highlight some things the developers don’t want players to miss. Chances are it will be the final report, but we’ll see soon enough.

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