Nintendo Drops Metroid Dread Report: E.M.M.I.

Nintendo's teaser site for Samus' next mission has dropped Metroid Dread Report: E.M.M.I. This is the second report released so far, and focuses on the new Robotic menace that threatens Samus. The report also details some new toys Samus can use to both evade, and fight her new foes.

Nintendo Drops Metroid Dread Report: E.M.M.I. Cover

Nintendo’s teaser site has dropped the second Metroid Dread Report: E.M.M.I. It details the dangerous E.M.M.I. (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier) research bots. They were deployed to planet ZDR to research the X parasites. Since then, the E.M.M.I. have mysteriously stopped responding to the Galactic Federation. Naturally, bounty hunter Samus Aran finds herself investigating the matter.

Metroid Dread Report: E.M.M.I. says the bots have three behavioral modes. You can tell which one a bot is in by the color of light emitted. Light blue is standard patrol mode, looking for threats in their zone. Yellow means the bot has detected a sound it deems suspicious. As a result, it will begin looking around to investigate. Finally, if an E.M.M.I. sees Samus, its light will be red. Following that, the bot locks onto and pursues the target in an attempt to neutralize it. Samus might escape death by using a Melee Counter at the instant the bot opens itself up. However, the timing is very tricky!

Metroid Dread – Coming October 8th! (Nintendo Switch)

Where Do the E.M.M.I. Patrol?

According to Metroid Dread Report: E.M.M.I., each bot has its own zone. The E.M.M.I. do not roam the entire planet. Instead, each bot patrols its own zone, outfitted with “Zone Doors”. These doors lock when an E.M.M.I. spots you. The only way to open them again is to get the bot off your trail. The doors will unlock when it breaks off its pursuit. Your map shows the Zone Doors to help you avoid hitting a dead end while being hunted.

The new report also says that different E.M.M.I. bots have different abilities. It points out that the game’s key art shows seven of these bots behind Samus. Only time will tell what their abilities are. However, they are not invincible.

Metroid Dread key art

Metroid Dread key art

So What Can Samus Do About This Threat?

Our bounty hunter is of course not helpless. That wouldn’t be much of a game would it? She can absorb energy from mother computers (systems managing each zone). This powers up her Omega Cannon, letting her use two new abilities detailed in Metroid Dread Report: E.M.M.I. First, the Omega Stream and Omega Blaster can only be used when Samus’ Omega Cannon is powered up. While it is, press L to aim and then hold Y to fire Omega Stream. This is a strong, rapid-fire attack. It can break away the armor from the head of an E.M.M.I. This exposes its core, which naturally is the weak point.

Conversely, to use Omega Blaster when the cannon is charged up, hold down the R button instead. This builds up a charged shot, which can be unleashed by pressing Y. If the Omega Cannon was powered up, you’ll unleash Omega Blaster. Unlike a normal charged shot, this can be used to destroy the core of an E.M.M.I.

An official screenshot of Samus unleashing Omega Blaster.

An official screenshot of Samus unleashing Omega Blaster.

There’s another useful new toy discussed in Metroid Dread Report: E.M.M.I. Samus’ new Phantom Cloak ability will prove vital in a pinch. While active, this makes her invisible and let’s her walk without making a sound. The Phantom Cloak uses a special energy known as Aeion. Should it run out, she can continue using her normal energy (health). This is of course risky, so manage your resources well. Additionally, some doors have sensors that make them close if a human approaches. Using this cloak, Samus will pass through them undetected.

That wraps up the major new details in this new report. However, the first Metroid Dread Report was more focused on the game’s story premise. It served as a small lore dump, and gave us a bit of extra background story.

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