New Metroid Dread Report Exposes Planet ZDR

The eighth Metroid Dread Report focuses on Planet ZDR and its various locales. We learn a lot more about this mysterious world, and also some of the enemies. It also confirms that another report is coming before the game's early October launch.

New Metroid Dread Report Exposes Planet ZDR

Nintendo has dropped the eighth Metroid Dread report, detailing Planet ZDR. Some fans may find this one to be spoiling things a bit too much, so you’ve been warned. Anyway, Nintendo provided glimpses of a handful of the game’s various environments. For several of them, we also get screenshots for three enemies from that biome. There is no new trailer this time, but there might be one in today’s Nintendo Direct. This article focuses primarily on the various locales in the game to reduce spoilers.

Metroid Dread Report #8 states that Planet ZDR is similar to SR388  (the planet from Metroid 2) in many ways. These include gravity, temperature, humidity, and more. Samus will pass through a number of different locales as she works to uncover two mysteries. Are the X parasites really extinct, and why have the E.M.M.I. research bots seemingly gone rogue? Her quest begins in Artaria, the deepest part of Planet ZDR. This cold biome is where the trailers showed her get attacked by a hostile Chozo Warrior. According to the new report, the upper part of this area is filled with searing magma. Naturally, all that heat is used as the planet’s primary energy source.

Metroid Dread - Trailer 2 - Nintendo Switch

Power Systems and Biological Research Facilities

That magma is distributed by a circulation system, the heart of which resides in Cataris. This system provides power to a number of facilities across Planet ZDR. According to the latest Metroid Dread report, this region also has many areas that will require a suit upgrade (the Varia Suit) to traverse if you don’t want to be cooked alive.

During her mission on Planet ZDR, Samus will also enter a biological research site known as Dairon. Some portions of the facility are without power, which may make her life more difficult. Worse yet is the fact that this high-tech locale is home to many robots. It is thought that advanced Chozo technology was used in their creation. This is likely why they are only weak to the charge beam and missiles. Furthermore, shadows in areas lacking power will provide them with extra cover. As a result, Samus will need to be careful. Meanwhile, the lower half of this research facility is submerged. As a result, it is an aquatic biome known as Burenia. Samus’ grapple beam is a key tool here before she can move unhindered in water.

Metroid Dread - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Underground Forests and Chozo Ruins

That leads us to the last two regions covered in the latest Metroid Dread Report. The first is a subterranean forest biome called Ghavoran. Sunlight does manage to shine in from above enough to support native plants and animals. This area is much wilder than some of the others, as civilization has not left as much of a mark here. Naturally, a wide range of abilities will be needed to explore this region.

Finally, we have a locale filled with ancient ruins where Chozo rituals were conducted. Ferenia is a region that is mostly populated by old Chozo buildings. Samus will visit these ruins multiple times during her adventure. However, the report stays tight-lipped on what She might find hidden amongst the aging structures.

What’s Next?

While we know a lot more about Planet ZDR thanks to Metroid Dread Report #8, there is likely still plenty to discover. The report concluded by confirming that there is still another one coming. The ninth (and likely final) report in the series will focus on tips to help you in this new mission. Meanwhile, their previous report detailed the enigmatic, bird-like Chozo race.

Metroid Dread will arrive on October 8th. As a result, Samus’ latest adventure (and the capstone on the 2D saga) is approaching fast! There are a lot more screenshots in the actual report. So check it out if you want to see more.

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