Metroid Dread Report 3 Details The Chozo and Much More

Nintendo has launched Metroid Dread Report Vol. 3, which details the Chozo, Samus' new suit, Metroids, and much more. It also includes a brief history of the 2D games. With seven detailed main sections, the new report is an interesting read to be sure.

Metroid Dread Report 3 Details The Chozo & Much More

Nintendo’s teaser site has launched Metroid Dread Report Vol. 3, which details a bunch of things concerning the upcoming game. The report is another interesting read, this time focused on the 2D Metroid games. The previous report detailed Samus’ new enemies, the E.M.M.I.

Metroid Dread Report 3 details a bunch of things. One is the game’s new map system, which is enhanced compared to the previous 2D games. For example, Icon Highlight lets you view the same type of icons across all areas. This helps you find new areas accessible via a certain ability. Meanwhile, one of the bigger details dropped early in the report is new information on Samus’ suit in the game:

In the Metroid Dread game, Samus’s suit appears to have changed quite a bit from her previous missions. In the Metroid Fusion game, Samus’ suit was greatly transformed after the emergency removal of pieces eroded by the X parasite and a life-saving injection of the Metroid vaccine—resulting in an organic appearance for her suit. Now, her suit is gradually returning to its original, mechanical Power Suit form.

Metroid Dread - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2021 - Part 1

New Details on the Chozo and Metroids

The log hints that the Chozo may not be entirely extinct after all. The report says there have been rare Chozo sightings, as they avoid attention. A very intelligent species, they are known for developing incredible tech such as Samus’ power suit. They endeavored to spread peace through the galaxy. However, in the end, they fell from their position of military might. Beyond this, all that remains of them are the ancient ruins left behind on many worlds.

They also say that the series’ namesake enemy, the Metroid, was created by the Chozo. The purpose was to destroy the X parasites on planet SR388. However, some with foul intent have tried to weaponize the Metroid species. Furthermore, the term “Metroid” comes from a Chozo word for “ultimate warrior”. The report also confirms that Metroids have gone extinct prior to the events of Metroid Dread. However, the developers hint that they may still play a role in Samus’ latest mission.

A metroid sacrifices itself to save Samus in Super Metroid's final battle against Mother Brain.

A Metroid sacrifices itself to save Samus in Super Metroid’s final battle against Mother Brain.

Do You Need to Play Previous Games First?

The report also details the previous four games in the 2D Metroid series. Each game gets a quick synopsis; however, they say you don’t need to play them to enjoy Metroid Dread. The game’s intro sequence will fill you in on story details leading up to the events of Samus’ latest mission. This ensures that even players completely new to the series can enjoy the next chapter.

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