Albion Online – The Demon Prince

Albion Online - next month will start closed beta and should last for several months. Are you not interested? Then maybe this video can make the difference.

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Closed beta for Albion Online is just behind the corner and it should last longer than alpha tests. Several months. And that is a hell of a time to become famous fighter, mage or healer in the world of Albion. Many things will be different, added, adjusted and removed. You should check the roadmap with more details.

Don't forget to read Albion Lore: The Royal Expeditionary Forces or Albion Online News Roundup to know more about land auctions and guild islands. 

It looks like this time many more adventures will venture into the game and struggle for personal and guild power. And that's great. 

We plan to do our live streams and maybe even create a KeenGamer guild!

Albion Online | Highlight Video: The Demon Prince

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