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Albion Faction Map

Albion 5 Essential Tips For Beginners

Overwhelmed by Albion Online? These Albion 5 Essential Tips is sure to boost your progress. Due to quarantine Albion player-count has shot up. If you are one of these new beginners, enjoy the guide an...

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Albion Online Review

Travel to the newly-discovered land of Albion! Will you be a peaceful farmer, an adventuring merchant, a brave gatherer, or a deadly assassin? Brave the server issues and either climb that paywall o...

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Albion Online – launch and final Beta update dates revealed

Official launch date, final Beta update date, and the all-your-Beta-content-will-be-wiped date has been announced for Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. Development studio Sandbox Interactive announces two...

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Latest Albion Online update, Elaine, is due to release today

Albion Online update "Elaine" takes you into the highlands. The first update since the start of the Final Beta adds a stunning new biome to the game and re-introduces The Keepers. Berlin, 28 Septembe...

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Albion Online – Killboard support added on official website

Killboard now available on the official Albion Online website! Starting Thursday, August 11, players can get all the relevant PvP information and view worldwide rankings via the new website feature. B...

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Albion Online – Final Beta stage started

Albion Online has entered the Final Beta stage. The update for ​​​sandbox MMORPG has a lot of improvements and the brand new features. Albion Online has entered the Final Beta stage. Sandbox Interacti...

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Albion Online – Everybody Matters (Final Beta Trailer)

New trailer for the final beta of the upcoming MMORPG Albion Online shows that any role a player chooses can have a huge impact on the game world. On August 1st, Sandbox Interactive will have the serv...

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Albion Online – The Labourers

As it was said earlier you can hire NPC and give them work to do. But you must also take care of them. What will your hireling do? They will not passively gather resources for you but they will help y...

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Albion Online – closed beta announced

Are you waiting for the beta of Albion Online and not just another Alpha? Your waiting is over. Albion’s shores will be opening as follows:– 23 November: Legendary Founders– 24 Novem...

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