Summer alpha 15/09 and content update

What to expect from summer alpha of Albion Online? What was added or changed?

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All of you who has bought a founder pack are waiting for the next alpha which is coming in few days. What is going to be ingame? What the devs added and changed?


There are 2 mounts. Horses for fast travel and oxen to carry items around the world.


Now you can form not just guilds but also alliances.

Player cities

Do you want to siege a city in 20 vs 20 players, win and get percentage of the upkeep paid on all real estate plots in the city? Now you can!

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Fast travel

There will be a possibility of "teleporting" from one spot to another. But only between safe areas and for a price depending on your inventory weight.

Housing access rights

Having friends in your house is nice. And giving them proper rights even better 🙂

New castle mechanics

Capturing castle with strong NPC guards will test your guild to the limit. But rewards of new territories will be sweet.

New and improved maps

Functionality and look of the old one was remade.

And more content update can be read on the official forum.

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