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Because KEENGAMER site needs some help and was launched practically 2 weeks ago then we need to build up great content which will attract new users.

For this we have one account for you. What do you have to do? It is pretty simple. We will provide you with an account for Albion Online and you can play it as you want. There are just few rules which you must follow (apart from the rules of SANDBOX INTERACTIVE).

You must actively play the game (under the nick "KEENGAMER"), write stories, articles, news, taking screenshots and if possible also make a video or a stream. That is up to you. You will have the possibility to write articles under this Albion Online game page and it will be your responsibility that it is full of great information and attracts visitors. 

Of course if you will not be able to fulfil our expectations then other person can and shall be chosen instead of you.

So do you think that you are the right person for us? Do you really, really want to play Albion Online right now and are in the same time a creative person who loves writing and who knows how to publish interesting articles?

Than we need you. Write down in the comment why we should choose you. (You must register first.) If you have some blogs, games articles, experience and want to tell us other reasons why you are the best then post it or give us a link.

We will select the winner when there will be one. It all depends on the reactions but we will not give the key to a person who will not persuade us about his / her skills.

Of course if you are interested in helping us to build this new site then let us know also. There are many games which can become your personal professional game blogs. Or you can create other pages just for your fun or even create a clan and stay here with your friends and community.

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Hey! would love to play this game. My buddy won’t shut up about it but I’m on a budget and won’t have an extra 30 for the next two months. Any chance yall could hook it up? Or am I two years late to this post haha.


Hello. Im student and i have a lot of free time. And it would be really good to not to waste it and do something good. I just found out for game albion and want to try it out. My email is [email protected]


Choose me because i really want to play this game.

Sugar Pop

A few points:


1. You cannot share your account, this is in the TOS.


2. Anyone doing this is just earning silver and gold for another user, you don’t own the account.


3. You cannot have more than 1 account. Should you do this then decide you want your account, you will be discovered as a multi-account and both accounts banned.


4. The game is free, you don’t need to play someone elses’ account anyway.



That is all. And the age of your post does not matter, these points are still valid.


I think I’m right for the job because I am very good in writing articles, I have the free time to play the game as mutch as i want from morning till night, and i really love helping in stuff like researching new games and apps (and i also really want to play albion online ^-^) so i will be more the happy to take this job


i forgot to login before i wrote the messege above so im replying so that youll able to massege me back if youll choose me


I can advertise your site in stream whole days! I have a lot of free time and play whole days. To verify this please watch this link . Im top Pantheon nowadays in whole east Europe.


Hello guyz! I found your article on Albion online official forum and decided to take part in article creation on your site:) Im 26 ,live in Ukraine,have much expirience in rpg games like Diablo, Path of Exile ,Torchlight and have a strong willing to try Albion online!Also i have own twitch channel!Hope i will be chosen!


Hi there, i heard about your initiative in albion forum.I have been following mmo games news for many years. Im also a regular mmo player and a dedicated player of path of exile. well unlike other people who are applying for the opportunity i don’t have high experience. but i have some experience in writing typical assignment, reports and other stuff. I believe i can live up to the standard you want and giving you all the insightful thought on albion online.


I’m interested. I have done writing for in the past before IGN pulled the plug on the site.Toss me an email if you want to see some references and writing samples.


Hi Keen! My name is Chase, I go by Xenpo on the tubes. I would be greatly interested in the opportunity to assist in building up this website and it’s internet following. I love to write creatively, and I am in the process of building a personal website for career purposes. I work in IT, and I am gearing my path towards security and server administration. I love to work with people from different locals and cultures, and have a huge passion for games, food and martial arts. I would greatly appreciate this opportunity, thanks so much for your time!


Hello. I had read in forums that u are still looking for a ppl to help u with articles and testing game. So i would like to try this opportunity. I am 21 years old student from lithuania. I have lots of free time, so i could really help u guys. Atm i dont have money for the game so i would help u and ofcourse play the game. If you are interested, please contact me. Looking forward for answer. P.s. i have some experience in writing articles. P.s.s sorry for mistakes, i posted from mobile ;D


I want to say thanks for the oportunity!


Howdy! I’m a writer over at as well as a full-time copywriter. I have been gaming for roughly 22 years and am an avid MMO player. I was recently in the test for Archeage and in the past have beta tested games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and countless smaller titles. I majored in English with a focus in Creative Writing, so I’m no stranger to writing creative and entertaining content. I have been keeping a keen eye on Albion Online for some time now and would be honored if I was chosen to test the game.… Read more »


Hello KeenG.


In which timezone are you?


Hi, my name is Iordanescu Radu, I’m from Romania/Bucharest,   I started my gaming life in 2006-2007 period.   I was part of RiseOfMetin staff but I quit becouse lack of organization.   I have some experience in gaming blogs/forums.I was publishing in romanian gaming webstites/forums a long period.         As AO job i would like it a lot.I was part of a small test where I was chosed by Empa[GraphicalDesigner of AO] and I started to like the game.Now I just feel bad that I dont bought a key but my budget this month goes in… Read more »


Hello, I am bandfryingpan. My forum account name is olaf, like the frozen character ๐Ÿ™‚ . I saw on the Albion forums that you are recruiting a player to write articles for this fine website here. I would like to apply for the position. I don’t have any online articles for you to read, but I am nurse so I’m used to writing detailed reports for the physicians of my patients. I am an avid MMO gamer and have done minor video editing projects for churches as a part time job in high school. I am more than capable of… Read more »


Hey guys. I go by Aresmar when online. I have been following Albion Online for only about a week now but have been eating up the info about it. Been watching nothing but streams the last few days and reading about the game. I know a good deal about it now, enough that I have been answering questions and talking about the game extensively with others who have questions or are confused in gaming stream chats. Not only do I know a lot about the game, but I know a lot about it because I really love the idea and… Read more »


I believe i could be the perfect guy for this because….. hardcore player of games like this i love to record and edit video and i have mature and very sexy voice. Not only will i give a good honest review of this game but i can make it very humorous if need be. Thank you and please put me into consideration


Hello. I’m Sharative, mostly know as Morianin. Old date experienced gamer, semi-learning writer and fanboy of hardcore games. I wrote a couple of reviews, but in my main language. If you want see any sample of my writing skills, i can translate them. Why me? I think, with my experience my articles gonna be interesting and objective. It’s easy for my to write stories, or simple news. Also there is no problem with taking screenshots and videos, but my internet connection isn’t good enough for streaming. I’m very active, friendly and easy to get along with. That should be enough… Read more »

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