Albion Online – The adventures of an absent-minded explorer part 2

This is a beginning of a new day in the colorful yet deadly world of Albion Online. Join us as our intrepid explorer attempts to emerge from his PvE shell. In this sandbox world, will exploration and crafting give way to a PvP behemoth? Please join us on this adventure...

Hello again! Xenpo here, for your next installment (only 5easy payments of…just kidding) of the Absent-minded explorer! Today we aregoing to take a short look into resource gathering and crafting buildings.  Players can purchase plots of land in thegame of various sizes.  A daily rent ischarged based upon the size of the plot. The rent can be paid in silver (the basic in game currency) or gold (thegame’s currency purchased for money). Upon the plots you can construct variousbuildings that allow you to craft all your weapons and armor, as well as yourhouse furnishings and mounts.     

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        Inorder to do this you need a copious amount of resources.  Resources in this game come in various tiers,and buildings take multiple tiers of resources to complete as well as a largechunk of silver.  While some of you mightconsider gathering a monotonous task, I find it rather meditative.  It gave me time to soak in the wonderful artstyle and great soundtrack, interspersed with taking down mobs so I could earna bit of silver and make sure I didn’t die while gathering.  The higher tiered materials are only found inPvP areas, so I’m sure I would have a much more thrilling experience if I wereafter the higher grades of materials. That I hope to find out soon!              

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        Once youhave a full inventory of materials, make your way back to a refinery.  A smelter will take care of iron or astonemason for rock etc.  This processwill cost silver or gold, and gives you crafting experience and usablematerials.  One this is done, make yourway to the property you are building and prepare to click.  Each hammer click drops 5 resources into thebuilding, so it takes a moment to get this done.  Fill up all the material slots as needed andpay your silver for the building and bam, you are done and can use the building(and charge other players for its use) to your heart’s content! 

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        Having a mount, such as a horse,increases your speed and your carrying capacity.  If you acquire an ox mount, your speedremains the same but your carrying capacity is greatly increased!  It really helps to haul around the goods toand from the construction zone or to the market if you are going to sell any ofyour wares.  Markets in Albion are localto the city you are in, so if you cannot find what you need in one city, make apilgrimage to the next closest town and bring your ox just in case.  You can place buy orders and sell orders,though inconveniently you must travel to a market to collect your profits.  Now to finish a couple of buildings and gearup for some PvP!

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