Albion Online – Epic Founder’s Pack giveaway

Albion Online - win Epic Founder's Pack with us.

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What can you win?

Simply new shiny Epic founder's pack which we will buy you from the official site. We know that the Winter Alpha starts on Tuesday so it's time to get in the game. Don't you think?

how can you win?

  1. Create your own page about anything you want and is concerning games at the same time. For example about your favourite game or genre. Have you ever wished to have your own Blog? Now you can. Then be active, create content and become a publisher on your own website. Don't forget to Sign up first to be able to create a new page.

  2. Get the highest rating of all new user’s pages before February 1st 2015, 11:59 p.m. (CET).

  3. Page can be in your native language. English is not mandatory. Whole Keengamer’s localization will be done later.

  4. You can create more identities and more pages. It’s up to you but the winning page could be only one and the owner of the page will become the winner.

We know that it is not an easy task or just a simple comment for a chance to win but we need you and other players to create interesting pages and content at Keengamer and you can help us to build up this new gaming social website. Will you help us for a chance to win a game???

How to get the highest rating?

Every page has a formula by which the final rating is calculated. It consists of number of daily comments, number of articles, daily page view, total number of followers, comments' rating and articles' rating.

So if you want to be sure that you will be the winner you must be active and create content for your page, have visitors, followers and good ratings of your articles and comments on the page. Feel free to spread the word about your page and tell your friends to support you. The more the better and higher chance for you to win the prize!

The best way is to write news, publish articles, guides and interesting videos or just create a controversial discussion. It’s up to you!

Additional information

We want to continue in similar competitions in the future. For example to offer new games every 14 days, or prepare prizes for the best rated user of each month and so on. We will inform you later when we decide what will be the best choice.

If you want to understand better what Keengamer is and what it offers then go here. To better familiarize with our content visit this page. Or just read our FAQ.

Competition’s terms:

  1. We can adjust anytime the coefficient for the page’s rating formula so it cannot be abused. But it will count the same way for everyone and the conditions will be the same for all users.

  2. The prize can be given only if at least 5 new user pages with at least 2 new articles are created so the competition is not only about 1 active user.

  3. Users cannot try to influence the results by exploiting the system and / or Keengamer website in any way. We can ban these users and remove them from the competition.

  4. Only pages created since January 2015 can compete.

  5. If necessary these Competition's terms can be changed anytime.

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    I want this gameeeeeeeeeeeee


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