Albion Online – Killboard support added on official website

Killboard now available on the official Albion Online website! Starting Thursday, August 11, players can get all the relevant PvP information and view worldwide rankings via the new website feature.

Albion Online - Killboard support added on official website
Berlin, August 11, 2016 – German developer Sandbox Interactive announces the addition of a new feature for players of Albion Online outside the actual game: The official website’s new Killboard is the literal Who killed Who of the sandbox MMORPG. In five separate tabs, it shows detailed stats on all PvP kills, multi-player battles, Guild vs Guild battles, leaderboards for players and guilds, as well as allowing for a direct comparison of different guilds and their achievements.

With a slight delay in the live update and without giving the actual location of a kill, it will be impossible to abuse the Killboard as a tracking device for hunting other players. It will, however, be the one-stop solution for all questions competitive players care about. The stats for the current and past week, as well as the current and past month, include information on kill fame, duration and participants in a battle, the gear used by both the killer and their victim, and more. While the board always shows the latest kills and battles, the search bar makes sure that players can find exactly the information they are looking for. And for those taking extra pride in their stats, there is the option to share their victories (or losses) from the Killboard on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Reddit.

More about the Killboard can be found on the official site.

And the Albion Online Killboard itself.

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