Albion Online – closed beta announced

Are you waiting for the beta of Albion Online and not just another Alpha? Your waiting is over.

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Albion’s shores will be opening as follows:
– 23 November: Legendary Founders
– 24 November: Epic Founders
– 25 November: Veteran Founders


The beta should last few months and probably with another wipe in the end. But you could still play for more time and not spent one month of your life grinding and then getting nothing. Now you can grind even more months! 🙂 But honestly beta should be  more entertaining, with more features and last longer which is enough for many of you to start again before open beta will be released.

Official information:

What has changed since you have last set your foot to the magical world of Albion?

  • Combat System Overhaul – We have added new skills and skillshots, spells, even whole new armors. In addition, we have rebalanced everything

  • Treasure Chests and Shrines – Valuable loot and new places to craft enchanted gear – located in PvP areas. What better reason to fight?

  • Upgradable Private Islands – Personal and Guild Islands will be upgradable in the Closed Beta. More room for activities!

  • Labourers – These NPCs will help you cover your gathering needs!

  • Learning Point Overhaul – We have reworked the Learning Points to be a bonus system to progress through our new Destiny Board.

  • Premium Accounts – Premium Accounts will be introduced in the Closed Beta that will grant you additional loot from killed mobs as well as allow you faster progression through the Destiny Board

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