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V Rising Guide: Terah the Geomancer

It's almost a shame vampires can't admire their beautiful decoration in daylight. With gothic architecture, tasteful tiling, and gemstones everywhere, it's hard not to make a keep beautiful. To use pretty gems, you need to defeat a certain Terah the Geomancer. In this V Rising guide, you'll read precisely where to find her, how to beat her, and what your rewards will be.

V Rising Guide Terah the GeomancerThere’s no shortage of gems in the gothic wonderland of V Rising. Whether you’re roaming the Farbane Woods, hunting for stone, or raiding any bandit camp foolish enough to be in your way, there are gems everywhere! Sapphires, Rubies, Emerald, Miststones, and Topaz. Although gems are plenty, the vast majority you’ll get are very mediocre crude ones. Although these gemstones look pretty and have some limited early use, crude quality is not the secret to success. Higher quality gems are a crucial resource for your combat power. Want to get more out of your precious gems? Then you need to defeat a certain Terah the Geomancer – and in the following guide, we’ll show you how!

By now, chances are you’ve already faced Leandra the Shadow Priestess. As a reward for beating her, you got the jewel crafting table. However, right now it’s virtually worthless. It requires regular gemstones, not crude ones! After you defeat Terah the Geomancer, you’ll get the means to turn crude gems into functional, regular ones. You’ll find this boss in the middle section of the game, so you’ll have a diverse arsenal at your disposal in your fight against her.

This guide is all about letting you unlock the power of gems. Curious about other key resources, like leather or copper? Then check out some of our other comprehensive guides!

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Where can you find Terah the Geomancer?

Terah the Geomancer is located in the Bedrock Pass. This is a distant area in the far north of the Dunley Farmlands, just beyond the Dunley Monastery. As with any location in the Farmlands, the area can be tricky to reach. You have to deal with militia patrols, as well as the occasional V-blood carrier, like Christina the Sun Priestess, Vincent the Frostbringer, or even Jade the Vampire Hunter. So make sure to stay clear of any such threats – they might bring an end to your excursion before it even begins.

You can find Terah the Geomancer in Bedrock Pass.

You can find Terah the Geomancer in Bedrock Pass.

Once you reach Bedrock Pass, it’s a small track up the mountain before you can reach Terah. She’s walking around an open area, in between a multitude of rock formations. There’s little cover there, so be sure to engage at night. If you have trouble finding her anyway, you can always find her by tracking her blood in the Blood Altar. If you can’t yet, it means your level is too low. Focus on a couple of lower-level bosses and upgrade your armor to unlock her.

The trip up the mountain is short, but not without danger. A powerful Stone Golem is patrolling the road to access Terah’s arena. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to either avoid or outspeed. However, before you even attempt passing the Golem and fighting Terah the Geomancer, now’s a great time to take a second and get your items and spells in order.

How can you defeat Terah the Geomancer?

Terah is level 48 when you encounter her. For your best chances, it’s useful to be somewhere around that level as well (level 48 or higher). Make sure all your gear is at least iron level, and repair parts of their durability are low. You don’t want to lose levels mid-battle!

In this boss fight ranged weapons are crucial. Terah the Geomancer is powerful, but she’s also quite slow. The further away you are from her powerful blows, the more time you have to anticipate them. As such, an Iron Crossbow will serve you very well. Other weapons that are useful for you in this fight are the General’s Soul Reaper and the Iron Sword, so you can deal blows when Terah’s defenses are down. You can get the General’s Soul Reaper after defeating the Undead Commander. Iron is instrumental in this fight. So if your supply of iron is short, hop on over to the Haunted Iron Mine in the Dunely Farmlands to increase your supply.

Just like in the fight against Leandra the Shadow Priestess, you’ll find little opportunity to heal mid-battle. It’s hard to drain blood from rocks, after all. So, make sure to stack up on Vermin Salves, hearts, and potions to heal yourself without running out of blood.

The Spells to make your life a lot easier

Ah, my favorite section! Spells can always make or break your battle, and in the case of Terah the Geomancer, ranged ones are the kind you want. Since Terah is strong but slow, effective spells that you can cast outside her AoE (Area of Effect) are the way to go. At this point in the game your arsenal is quite sizable, so definitely choose the spells that fit your playstyle. Regardless, based on Terah’s moveset and your surroundings during the battle, the following spells will be of service to you.

  • Veil of Chaos is critical to outspeeding Terah. Not only do the clones you leave behind explode and deal magic damage, but you can also recast the spell after doing it once. Essentially, it gives you a double dash. You can get Veil of Chaos by defeating Clive the Firestarter, who is located at the Bandit Sulfur Quarry.
  • Chaos Volley launches two bursts of chaos magic that have some aim assist. When you hit the enemy, the spell deals 125% magic damage and lets the enemy experience chaos burn. You can get Chaos Volley by defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer, who roams the Farbane Woods, often near the Forgotten Cemetary and the Logging Camp. 
  • Pestilence is great for long-range combos. It launches three projectiles that deal 40% sorcery harm, but more importantly thumps enemies back and gives them 25% additional vulnerability for 5 seconds. So you can set up a series of attacks with Pestilence, and then unleash a powerful archery strike, a chaos volley, or even an ultimate attack. You can get Pestilence by defeating Nicholaus the Fallen, who is located in the Forgotten Cemetary.

By the time you’re finished, your attacks should look something like this:

Use your spells to become a powerful ranged attacker!

Use your spells to become a powerful ranged attacker!

Fighting Terah the Geomancer

Ready? Alright! Terah the Geomancer is a bit of an odd fight. She alternates between two forms. In her weak form, your strategy will be to be as close as possible and deal as much damage as you can. She’s completely helpless in this position. On the other, she’s enormously powerful and you’re essentially reduced to ranged attacks. So be ready to switch up strategy whenever the situation requires it.

  • In her first phase, Terah the Geomancer just throws brightly colored projectiles at you. This attack is very easy to dodge and does very little damage. Still, it’s a waste to get hit by these projectiles, so try and go to her sides or her back when she casts them.
    Don't get too excited - this fight will become harder.

    Don’t get too excited – this fight will become harder.

  • After grinding her down a bit, Terah makes clear why she’s called the Geomancer. She turns into an enormous rock golem, which moves slowly, but hits very, very hard. When you get close, Terah will try to hit you with a slash attack. You can easily avoid this attack by staying out of melee reach.
    Don't be like me, and be further away than me when she does this attack.

    Don’t be like me, and be further away than me when she does this attack.

  • Terah the Geomancer’s most common and one of her most threatening attacks involves a series of rocks, that she either hurls towards you or that fall from the sky. This attack is enormously damaging, but you can see exactly where she’s going to hit. By avoiding the red circles on the ground as much as possible, you can escape this barrage with minimal damage.
    Here that double dodge can come in clutch!

    Here that double dodge can come in clutch!

  • Another attack she’s quite fond of doing is summoning Stone Golems. She’ll summon two golems, who roam around Terah. If you get too close, they’ll hit you with a forward slash. The longer you leave them on the battlefield, the more time Terah has to summon more. Definitely take them out first.
    They're not strong, though. If you told me they were made of glass, I'd believe you.

    They’re not strong, though. If you told me they were made of glass, I’d believe you.

  • As you progress during the fight, Terah’s attacks become faster and stronger. She also does a new type of attack: a series of ground spikes rush towards your position in a straight line. This is a very powerful attack, that you’ll want to avoid whenever remotely possible.
    This attack is dangerous and fast. Double dodge as much as you can.

    This attack is dangerous and fast. Double dodge as much as you can.

Terah the Geomancer attacks in phases. In the opening match, inflict as much damage as possible. For example, you can lead with Pestilence, followed by an ultimate attack for maximum early damage. After she assumes golem form for the first time, close combat time ends as well.
In this phase, you want to use your range abilities to your advantage. Starting with Pestilence and following up with arrows and Chaos Volleys is a great way to get quick damage in. You can usually take out any Stone Golems on the field by doing spin attacks with your sword, and quickly going out of reach before the golems can retaliate. Similarly, use your reaper to gain constant damage while you’re out of reach – its throwing ability is phenomenal, and counters next to everything Terah can throw at you.

This fight isn’t easy, but as a general recipe, you should make sure not to rush it. If you slip up, Terah punishes you, and she punishes you severely. If temporarily taking the pressure off is a way to avoid getting hit by an attack, definitely do so. Take your time, and after grinding her down you’ll be all set for the killing blow. Time to drain that sweet, sweet V Blood!

What Are Your Rewards?

Finally, jewelry time! As a reward for beating Terah the Geomancer, you’ll be rewarded with the beautiful gem cutting station. This lets you use all take all those crude gems and turn them into regular gems. You’ll also get the recipe for how to do so, so you won’t have to fight yet another V Blood Carrier to start cutting gems. With those cut gems, you can now make all kinds of cool pendants that will benefit your vampire’s strength. Provided you defeated Leandra the Shadow Priestess, of course.

But wait, there’s more! For PvP fans, Terah the Geomancer is an absolute must to beat. Defeating her gives players the ability to build a Siege Golem Stone, which gives you access to Siege Golems. With these, you can start raiding other vampire castles. Lastly, this wouldn’t be a good boss fight without a brand new vampiric ability. You’ll get exactly that – the spell Spectral Guardian, which lets you create an illusionary stone golem to torture your enemies with!

I hope you found this V Rising guide helpful! Leave a comment for suggestions, comments, or tell me about your best PvP raid!

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