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V Rising: Rising Star or Dead in the Water?

V rising's initial success on early access may have been a blessing for Stunlock Studios, but the dwindling number of players has caused some concern among its fans. Will this new game fall as fast as it rose or will it become a big hit that will stand the test of time?

V rising: rising star or dead in the water?Vampires have once again returned to life in the world of gaming, and lovers of the genre don’t want to miss one bit of it! With a classical horror feeling, engaging day/night mechanics and a very polished and fluid gameplay, V rising’s seems to have created an immersive gaming experience that is bound to bring new joys for the ever-starving vampire genre fans. Indeed, it has left a positive first impression. But looking at the amount of players lost per month on Steam and the lack of content updates, many are those who are concerned about the well-being of this game. Are they right? Is this new early access vampire game doomed to an early grave?

After its initial success, some players fear that V rising may be heading to an early grave.

After its initial success, some players fear that V rising may be heading to an early grave.

Don’t Grab Your Pitchforks and Torches Just Yet!

With more than 2.5 million sales, the world of Vardoran has had a veritable cambric explosion of new players. Not all of them play the same. Some enjoy the most merciless PVP with their squad. Others prefer to be a solitary vampire confined in their castle and feared by all. Some prefer easier challenges and others would rather cooperate and roleplay with their friends on PvE servers. I have even encountered a large amount of players who played with their husbands or wives on duo PvP. This may be why V rising has become so successful: despite its seemingly niche group, it attracts all sorts of gamers and unites them in their hunt for blood and dominance.

This is precisely why content updates are an important matter, and Stunlock Studios knows it. First they have to deal with improving the game’s performance and polishing what they already have before moving onto new content. Even if it’s making them lose players now, this is a wise choice. It prevents bloating the game with features that may break gameplay as it is now. These features should add fun to the already existing gameplay. Hopefully, they will.

Tremble, villagers, a new vampire is in town!

Tremble, villagers, a new vampire is in town!

V Rising’s Early Access, a Path to Its True Form

Those concerned about the lack of new things to do in-game may be pleased to know that V rising’s first content update is planned this fall, with hints of new items and areas. Stunlock Studios said that they are not giving up on V rising anytime soon. As developers they are playing the long game, and that is in fact a very good sign. We’re gazing upon the first months of V rising’s early access. That means that there’s still plenty of room for it to evolve and expand. Other early access games like Conan Exiles have kept that same slow and steady pace that, over the years, delivered its full potential nonetheless. As a gamer who has played a lot of early access games, this is not uncommon. What’s more: all those missing players are not gone, but merely biding their time, cozily sleeping in their coffins. Fear not, children of the night, for the night is still young!

V rising's throne is where your vampire will rule Vardoran. Your servants will raid the lands and cause havoc and chaos, coming back with loot.

V rising’s throne is where your vampire will rule Vardoran. Your servants will raid the lands and cause havoc and chaos, coming back with loot.

The Legacy of Dracula

The developers have shown a lot of love for the vampire lore. They seem to have done their homework when it comes to folk legends. This could mean that they are passionate about their project. So far we don’t know much about its future, but we do know that the developers have mentioned new features coming soon. Some of these are new weapons, PvE sieges, a Dracula final boss and new weapons. So, it’s okay to assume that V rising is, in fact, in good health despite all the rumors saying otherwise.

Summarizing: early access games take their time, and slowly evolve according to what the developers can do and what the players want. Stunlock Studios needs to cater to a large audience and they know they should aim to please as many players as they can. Finally, the flow of players comes and goes with every update. We won’t really know until further on, so join the patient, sleeping players or enjoy the content you already have, but don’t burn out just yet! There’s surely more to come! 

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V Rising - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

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