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V Rising Guide: Lidia the Chaos Archer

Although there are a lot of spells worth earning in V Rising, few stand out as much as the magnificent Chaos Volley. It's a superb range attack that will carry you in the mid-game. To use this great spell though, you need to defeat a certain Lidia the Chaos Archer. In this guide, you'll read exactly where to find her, how to beat her, and what your rewards will be.

V Rising Guide Lidia the Chaos ArcherIf you happen to have read any of my other guides, you’ll find that I’ve recommended Chaos Volley in every single one of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re up against the necromancy frenzy of Leandra the Shadow Priestess or the environmental illusions of Polora the Feywalker.  Chaos Volley’s 125% magic damage and burn effects make it a safe range option for many a fight to come. Of course, to get it you’ll need to beat the foe who initially pummels you with it. That foe is a certain Lidia the Chaos Archer – and in this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to defeat her!

Lidia the Chaos Archer is only the fifth boss in the long series of V Blood carriers that’s to come. That means that she’ll be fairly low level, but you also won’t have too many different spells to work with. So let’s change that, and give our spell arsenal a major boost!

To be prepared in this phase, you’re gonna want to stack up on leather and copper. We just so happen to have comprehensive guides on those resources too, so definitely check them out as you get ready for this fight!

Where can you find Lidia the Chaos Archer?

Lidia the Chaos Archer is another roaming boss. Usually, she’s in the center-west area of the Farbane Woods. She walks on the roads between the Forgotten Cemetary, the Bandit Trapper Camp, the area around the Bandit Logging Camp, and the Bandit Copper Mine. Given that you’ve had to traverse this area to fight earlier bosses like Errol the Stonebreaker, Keely the Frost Archer, and Rufus the Foreman, you’ll be familiar with this place. Maybe you’ve even seen her before.

I found Lidia right here, south of the Bandit Copper Mine.

I found Lidia right here, south of the Bandit Copper Mine.

Since it’s impossible to pinpoint Lidia’s exact location beforehand, make sure to use your Blood Altar to chase her scent. It’s possible she doesn’t appear in your Blood Altar yet. This means that you are too low level. Focus on some earlier bosses and upgrade your armor to unlock her. Should you encounter Lidia the Chaos Archer by chance, you’re still able to fight her and reap the benefits of beating her.

How can you defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer?

When you encounter her, Lidia the Chaos Archer will be level 26. She can be a challenging boss for a freshly started Vampire, and the level difference does make a serious difference. So I’d recommend you’d be level 26 as well, or preferably a few levels higher. With quick-range attacks that cover enormous amounts of ground, you need to remain level-headed during this fight. There’s a reason they call her the chaos archer.

Make sure your armor is at least Nightstalker level, or parts even Merciless Nightstalker. Boneguard at this point won’t get you very far – unless you’re very confident in your abilities to take Lidia down. It’s important to keep moving in this fight while keeping some range in between you and Lidia to anticipate the chaos she can unleash at any second. For your weapons, try to bring copper equipment into this fight. This means you’ll need a lot of copper farming to be on par with Lidia. Hop on over to the Bandit Copper Mine.

Of course, repair all your gear before you leave. If one of your items has minimal durability left, it may break mid-battle and make you far more vulnerable to her attacks. Don’t forget to bring some vermin salves and some hearts too, in case the battle doesn’t go your way!

The spells to make your life a lot easier

For your spells, your selection at this point is sadly still pretty limited. However, we’re not without options. Based on Lidia’s moveset (we’ll get to that in a second), the following spells will certainly help you.

  • Frost Bat is a tremendous long-distance spell attack. Although you do have to aim it, once it hits an enemy it deals 100% magic damage and chills the enemy briefly. If you hit a chilled enemy, it will suffer brief freezing. You can get Frost Bat by defeating Keely the Frost Archer, who’s located in the Bandit Trapper Camp. 
  • Blood Rite blocks melee and ranged attacks for a short duration. If you get hit while blood rite is active, you’ll regain some health and inflict 100% magic damage. This essentially serves as a counter. You’ll have this ability from the beginning of the game.
  • Veil of Blood lets you dash away from enemies. For a short while, you’re faster and harder to hit, but when you attack while it’s active you’ll do 25% additional damage, and – importantly – you’ll regain some health. You’ll have this ability from the beginning of the game. 
Who said basic spells can't be effective?

Who said basic spells can’t be effective?

With that, let’s set out on our journey! The standard procedure applies – set out at the end of the afternoon or early at night, so you won’t have to deal with Lidia’s chaos in daylight. You’ve got enough on your hands during this fight. Some Less standard procedures apply as well, however. Importantly, Lidia the Chaos Archer is a roaming boss, which means you can choose your battlefield. Don’t engage in a massive open plain where you can’t find any cover. Instead, use a rocky area where you can hide behind a rock for a while, should the situation get too spicey.
Furthermore, don’t engage her near the Forgotten Cemetery. You’ll be in the path of another roaming boss, Tristan the Vampire Hunter. Trust me when I say you don’t want to deal with those two simultaneously.

Fighting Lidia the Chaos Archer

Let’s attack! Lidia honors her name immediately. Right off the bet, you’ll be faced with volleys of chaos magic. Although Lidia launches bolts and magic attacks everywhere, her attack pattern becomes fairly predictable. By remaining careful and calculated, a clever strategy will always triumph over aimless chaos. She’s got the following attacks at her disposal;

  • She’s an archer for a reason! Like Keely the Frost Archer, Lidia shoots a series of arrows at you. Unlike her, she doesn’t shoot them simultaneously. She shoots her first arrow at your position, readjusts quickly, and shoots again. This makes her much more threatening, as she’s more actively trying to hit you. Still, the attacks are quite easy to dodge – especially if you’re far away, or, in the best position that you can possibly be in against an archer: behind her.
    Fast? Yes. Predictable? Also yes.

    Fast? Yes. Predictable? Also yes.

  • Her other attack is the much more dangerous Chaos Volley. She launches a series of orbs that explode on the ground. This AoE (Area of Effect) will inflict chaos burn on you, which drains your health fast. Fortunately, there are plenty of cues to dodge this attack. Simply don’t stand in the red circles, and you won’t get hit. This attack also has a fairly limited range, so stand back a little and you’ll be completely fine.
    Visual cues galore! Move out of these circles.

    Visual cues galore! Move out of these circles.

The best way to approach Lidia the Chaos Archer is to remain calculated at all times. Does she get in a position to shoot? Look at where you can go to dodge the attack or use your veil of blood to get some fast damage in with your sword. Alternatively, you can stand directly in front of her with blood right active to regain some health and inflict serious damage on her. When she’s doing her chaos volley, stay out of reach and look for possibilities to get damage in. As long as you keep moving, the chaos archer has little direct means to hit you. Grind her down with calculated assaults whenever she doesn’t have an answer, and this guide should be a piece of cake. Sometimes she goes invisible to shoot from a different position, but this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

You can also use cover to use Blood Mend and heal up. Lidia’s arrows can’t break through stone, so you sometimes have opportunities to heal. Look closely at when this is the case, and make sure you don’t actually disengage. However, hiding behind a rock can be a valuable strategy if you need to catch your breath.

What are your rewards?

Beating Lidia the Chaos Archer gives you access to perhaps one of the consistently best range attacks in the game: Chaos Volley. With its strong attack, guaranteed burn effect, and rapid firing rate this volley will be with you for many, many boss fights.

But, that’s not the only reward! Another very cool reward that you’ll get from beating her is the Devourer. This somehow both adorable and horrendous chest serves as a trash compactor – you can put stuff in you don’t want anymore, and get resources that you do want! No longer need your bone armor and weapons, because they’re terrible? Put them in the devourer, and you’ll get some sweet materials in return. Resource processing takes its sweet time in V Rising, so getting some random wood from a source you didn’t expect just feels great.

I hope you found this V Rising guide helpful! Leave a comment for suggestions, comments, and tell me your thoughts on Chaos Volley!

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