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V Rising Blood Types Explained

Getting to know your blood types in V Rising will help you master one of the most powerful mechanics in the game Here is a list of all the blood types in the game so far - learn the advantages and disadvantages of each of them right here!

V Rising Blood Types ExplainedYou may have noticed that blood is more than just something you drink in V Rising. It functions, for the most part, like a form of mana. Your blood pool is used for vampire abilities and the like. It also imparts what can only be described as a class, with several of them to choose from by feeding off of warm-blooded enemies.

V Rising blood types are essentially classes. Each class has it’s own unique perks and buffs. Stronger (higher percentage value) blood grants perks on a tier-based system. Buffs can include increased movement speed, damage reduction, higher sunlight resistance among many others.

The purpose of this guide is to inform you, dear reader, about what you can expect from each blood type and where they might be best applied. If you’re trying to play V Rising on a more advanced level, you’ll definitely want to learn all about blood types! It’s an essential and powerful mechanic – arguably the lifeblood of the game.

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V Rising Blood Types

Knowing your blood type could save your life. This isn’t technically true in V Rising, but it certainly makes your life a lot easier. Rather, having the right blood type might save your life. Each blood type grants a set of buffs on a tiered system, using the Roman numerals I – V.

Tier I perks are granted for blood strengths 1-25%, tier II perks are granted at 26-50% up to tier IV between 76% and 99%. Blood strength of 100% unlocks the Tier V perk, which is the same across all blood types – it boosts all other effects by 30%.

Worker Blood

Worker Blood is one of the most useful types if you want to farm a bunch of resourcesincreased damage output to Resource Objects, increased mounted gallop speed and a chance to destroy a resource node, which also triggers a burst of speed.

Worker Blood isn’t the best fit if you end up in a fight. The mounted gallop speed boost facilitates running away. You will want to consider clearing out any strong enemies in the area you intend to gather resources in before taking this blood type. You could be at a severe disadvantage otherwise.

It's not a good idea to try feed when facing multiple enemies

It’s not a good idea to try feed when facing multiple enemies

Brute Blood

This boorish blood type grants primary attack leech life, increased attack speed, increased healing and a chance to buff both movement and attack speeds. This makes Brute Blood the ideal blood type for you if you want to stay alive by sapping health from enemies.

Brute Blood also grants the player an extra gear level – you might even be able to abuse this to unlock a new hunt! This also buffs your overall stats.

Creature Blood

Gained from certain beasts of the wilds, Creature Blood is the best choice for daytime survivability due to combination of increased Movement Speed, Sun Resistance, Damage Reduction and Health Regeneration. With good Creature Blood, you might even be able to take on some strong bosses during the daytime, particularly the cowardly ones that hide in the light.

Unleash your inner beast

Unleash your inner beast

You will have to stray off the beaten path to find this blood type. Wild animals like bears and deer are likely to have this.  If you’ve got a full inventory that you are trying to haul home, cut through a forest. This might shorten your route, and you might find some nice Creature Blood that will significantly increase your daytime survivability.

Rogue Blood

Get some Rogue Blood if you want increased movement speed and critical hits. This is a wise choice of blood if you have a lot of ground to cover, or if you wish to nimbly sidestep your opponent’s volleys. Choose this over Creature Blood at night, since you won’t need the Sun Resistance. 

Using this blood type will allow you to run rings around slow bosses. I have found this to be a good general purpose blood type, since it grants extra mobility and extra damage output through the enhanced critical hit rate at higher strengths. This is usually obtained from ranged opponents, like Deadeye and Crossbowman.

Rogue Blood is one of the more generally useful types

Rogue Blood is one of the more generally useful types

Warrior Blood

As you might expect, this is a superior V Rising blood type when engaging in combat. Warrior Blood players will enjoy increased physical power, reduced weapon skill cooldown, reduced damage to the player, as well as a chance to parry attacks. When at full health, Warrior Blood also grants increased damage from Tier III.

There aren’t many downsides to Warrior Blood, an excellent choice for players who want to tank a bunch of damage while putting out just as much. Not the best type to pick up if you’re in a hurry – there are no movement speed buffs.


The starting type isn’t much of a type at all. Not much to see here – no perks or buffs to speak of. If you have this blood type, you should look at getting another one ASAP – even if it’s on the weaker side of things. Beggars can’t be choosers, and you will be begging for mercy if you run into a powerful foe. 

The offensive buffs make up for the absence of any movement speed increase

The offensive buffs make up for the absence of any movement speed increase

Fortunately, you spawn with enough blood in the tank to get you out of danger and perhaps even to safety. Keep an eye out for any low hanging fruits – a nearby pack of wolves or a deer – and fill up that Blood Pool. You can get a few good perks right off the bat if you’re lucky.

Taking Blood

Feeding on targets serves several purposes and is one of the basic mechanics one must learn. The first and most obvious is the fact that vampires need to consume blood to survive. Not all blood is made equal  – you get stronger and weaker blood that is assigned to enemies at random. Keep in mind that not all enemies have blood types. In the case of the undead, they would have to have blood to have a blood type. There are many such examples of bloodless enemies.

You can view an enemy’s blood type by mousing over them and checking the percentage next to the health bar – higher percentages are better.  When taking on a group of enemies, it can be helpful to find the one with the best blood first and strategize so you don’t inadvertently kill them.

V Blood Carriers do not grant a new blood type

V Blood Carriers do not grant a new blood type

To absorb a blood type from an enemy, you have to execute what I am going to call a Draining Feed. This takes a few seconds, and will refill your Blood Pool while absorbing the Blood Type. You can cancel the feed at any time by pressing the attack key, this will execute your victim but not take any of their blood.

While you are Feeding, you are still vulnerable to other enemies. This is why it’s best to try clear as many out as you can before attempting to drain a target. Feeding is still useful in battle as a form of mobility as well as an attack, but there is 5 second cooldown, which is much longer than it sounds when you’re avoiding a hail of arrows and blades.


Knowledge of Blood Types is essential in V Rising. You are playing at a disadvantage if you are simply hanging on to any strong blood type you find. It’s good practise to switch things up when needed, and sometimes when the opportunity arises.

So far, these are the V Rising blood types available. It’s entirely possible that more could be added at a later stage as the game nears completion. Even if that doesn’t happens we could see more blood types post-release – a more likely scenario, in my opinion. Are there any I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments! 

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