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How To Beat Erroll the Stonebreaker and Farm Copper in V Rising

Has the demand for V Rising copper ore got you running around in circles trying to gather enough of it? In this guide, you will learn the best place to go to stock up on this important resource. Better offload your inventory - let's get that copper!

How To Beat Erroll the Stonebreaker and Farm Copper in V RisingCopper is an all-important early game resource in V Rising. It’s chiefly used to craft weapons, but has a variety of  other uses as well. It’s mostly found scattered around the Farbane Woods. It looks like a red-hued version of stone, and is significantly less common. It can take a little while to gather any significant amount of the stuff.

Fortunately, in the Bandit Copper Mine there is so much that you can easily fill your inventory and have copper ore to spare. You can find the mine in the heart of Farbane Woods. The easiest way to do this is to construct a Blood Altar and upgrade your weapons enough to track Erroll the Stonebreaker’s blood – he is the head honcho at the mine.

Erroll might not be the first boss on your radar, but there are a few good reasons for you to take him on as early as possible, his proximity to large amounts of Copper Ore mainly. Defeating Erroll will unlock his ability and the Big Stash, a larger version of your standard chest. You can manage by just building a few small chests, but if your base is getting cluttered then you might find value in it. 

Finding V Rising Copper

Erroll likes to hang out deep inside the Bandit Copper Mine. It’s not difficult to find once you are in the Farbane Woods, you can either search for it around the middle of the woods, track Erroll’s blood like I mentioned before. You can refer to our guide for Keely the Frost Archer if you want more details on how to get this set up. Alternatively, you can use an online map to find it.

No matter how you do it, once you find the Bandit Copper Mine, you’ll notice that there are loads of enemies in and around the mine. I like to set up my castle in the area North East of the mine – this gives you a convenient location to take on most of the early-game hunts from. To help you get set up, you can also check out our V Rising beginner tips to make sure you are ready.

To get to Erroll, you can either sneak past all the bandits roaming around the mine, or fight your way through them. I opted for an approach that combines these 2 strategies. The copper mine itself is quite large, and is well-populated with a wide variety of enemies. From dogs, to poachers and workers, it’s best to either take a patient approach picking off your enemies one by one. I ran past the bulk of them, and cleared out the few that followed me in an attempt to save as much energy for the fight. 

Finding copper in the wild isn't very efficient

Finding copper in the wild isn’t very efficient

Engaging Erroll the Stonebreaker

Erroll has a variety of attacks in his arsenal, and hits like a truck. He is on the slower side, but packs a mean punch. So long as there are only a couple weak enemies around, you can go ahead and engage Erroll. Be patient as you learn his attacks and movements. 

To execute his first special attack, Erroll swings his hammer around him and uses the centrifugal force to spin on the spot. If this connects, it will send you flying across the room! You can avoid this easily by using your travel ability, or your Q attack if you already have copper weapons equipped.

Erroll’s second special attack has him striking the ground, cracking it for a fixed distance ahead of him. Again, this is quite easy to avoid using your travel or Q ability, but you can also simply walk out of it’s path and avoid the resulting damage. This attack upgrades to send out 4 cracks in an X formation, so beware when Erroll’s health drops low enough to trigger this. For the most part, Erroll will alternate between these 2 special attacks, but he still has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

You might overlook Erroll because he doesn't unlock much

You might overlook Erroll because he doesn’t unlock much

Crowd Control

Erroll will occasionally whistle, summoning allied workers to help attack you. Focus on taking them down, while timing your attacks to take stabs at Erroll. Later in the fight Erroll will begin doing this more frequently, so you will have to try avoid as much damage as you can in the early stages of the battle. You can get V Rising copper ore by letting him attack and destroy the rocks around the area.

If you are quick, you can even heal up a little in the early fight by running away and activating Blood Mend very briefly while Erroll is attacking. Activating it for more than a few seconds will give Erroll time to attack again, which will very quickly undo any healing you’ve done if you don’t move quickly enough. using the stone and copper columns for cover also helps, but obscures your vision making it difficult to see where he is coming from.

Once you’ve beaten Erroll, you can help yourself to the 2 stashes in this area and collect any resources scattered around during the battle. Grab as much copper as you can carry while you are here. You can take your time, and wait for nightfall if needed. I enjoyed systematically clearing out the mine, but before long my inventory was full.

It takes patience to wear down the Stonebreaker

It takes patience to wear down the Stonebreaker

V Rising Copper King

You could also simply avoid Erroll and gather copper in the other areas of the mine. There are workers around, so if you manage to find one with strong blood you should definitely take advantage of the increased resource yields imparted by this blood type. The area immediately surrounding Erroll does have the bulk of the Copper Ore, though, and he isn’t too difficult to beat.

You can even farm Copper Ore in the daytime. The mine shelters you from the sun, so this also gives you an advantage in the fight against Erroll. He must either be highly confident or not very bright to hole up in a place where the vampires have an advantage, but nonetheless. It’s not that difficult to get all the copper ore you need in V Rising. You just have to know where to go! 

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