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How To Get Grave Dust In V Rising – 3 Easy Methods

Can't get enough Grave Dust in V Rising? We've got you covered, and not with 6 feet of dirt! Check out this quick guide that will tell you everything you need to know to get all the Grave Dust you need in V Rising without breaking a sweat!

How To Get Grave Dust In V Rising - 3 Easy MethodsOff the back of these tips I penned to help you beat Nicholaus the Fallen, I thought it might be useful to elaborate on one of the rare drops you will find when taking down strong enemies like Undying Ghoul and Skeleton Mage – there is more than one way to get Grave Dust in Stunlock StudiosV Rising.

Grave Dust is a consumable that is used to craft equipment, build the study where you unlock new tech, among other things. There are 3 main ways to get it – as a drop, refining bones using a Grinder, and as random loot in containers. You also pick up a lot of stone, which is great for the refinement of bricks. You’ll have so much resource, you will feel like you are using cheats!

On the surface, these tasks sound fairly trivial but if you read further you will learn some valuable timesaving tips to help you stock up on this essential resource. It’s always nice to have options, so you can decide how to get grave dust in V Rising in the way that suits your playstyle best.

Highlight: V Rising Ep. 8 - Nicholaus the Fallen 🪦Bullet Hell Boss


This is one of the best ways to get Grave Dust reliably. While you are in there, topple as many headstones as you can – there is a chance you will find Grave Dust! It’s also a relatively common drop in this area, and can be found in containers here as well.

The Infested Graveyard and Desecrated Graveyard are also options, but because they are much smaller you are better off going straight for the Forgotten Graveyard. It’s in the middle of the Farbane Woods, so it’s hard to miss.

Don’t forget that you can’t restock on blood in this area – craft some Vermin Salves to take the edge off. Gear level 35 should handle this area comfortably. Take a look at this area guide if you are struggling – it includes some tips for killing the boneheaded delinquents wandering the Forgotten Cemetery.

The Forgotten Cemetery is right in the middle of Farbane

The Forgotten Cemetery is right in the middle of Farbane


Once you unlock and build the Grinder, you can refine 100 bones to make 1 Grave Dust. This isn’t unreasonable, but it can take time to gather all these bones – especially when you are using them for crafting Vermin Salves while taking on the Forgotten Cemetery. Maybe not the easiest or quickest way to increase your grave dust stockpiles, but the safest.

Nevertheless, you should have plenty Bones after beating all those Skeleton Archers. Throw as many as you can spare in your grinder, and be sure to turn off your Mist Braziers at night or when you are away from base so you don’t burn Bones unnecessarily. Throw any excess bone you have into your grinder – it will pay off in the long run.

Always remember to exploit the fact that building your grinder in an enclosed room grants a buff to it’s output. There are a variety of ways to maximize your rate of grave dust acquisition, but this one you should not ignore.

Smash things in the graveyard for a change to get grave dust in V Rising

Smash things in the graveyard for a change to get grave dust in V Rising


You can build tombstones in your base once you have beaten Goreswine the Ravager at the Desecrated Graveyard. Use your Blood Altar to find him if you are having trouble. I recommend crafting copper weapons using planks and copper ingots, and upgrading your armor to at least level 3 for a gear level around 30 before attempting this boss.

Once you unlock the recipe, you can build Tombstones right on your castle grounds. Laying flowers on Tombstones raises an undead, which you can (should) kill for his stash of Grave Dust. Specifically, you want to lay 40 Morning Lily to raise a Ghoul.

Please take the necessary precautions when raising the undead in your base – this can be dangerous! Place your tombstone somewhere where the reanimated ghoul won’t break anything.

Undead enemies are terrible houseguests, you should lock your en-suite bathroom and perhaps even your bedroom door. They will not hesitate to snoop through your belongings with excessive force.

Don’t use up all your mourning lilies, you will need some for the next to craft a gravediggers ring. These consumable items are also found in graveyards. You can also farm bones from Tombstones as discussed in the previous section by using any excess Blood Roses you have to summon skeletons.

You will need Grave Dust to craft some important items

You will need Grave Dust to craft some important items


The Gravedigger’s Ring is an essential early-game item in V Rising. It is the Gear Level 3 ring, and significantly improves your abilities over the Blood Rose Ring. To craft this item, you will need 8 Grave Dust and 40 Mourning Lily, which you can also find at Forgotten Cemetery.

If you are planning to take on the area boss, you will certainly need to get your hands on this magic source or better. You will also want to upgrade your weapons to level 3 at least when engaging the Forgotten Cemetery – be sure to check out our guide to getting lots of copper ore. You will need it to craft Copper Weapons.


Jokes aside, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with Tomb Stone Ghouls if you have survived the Forgotten Cemetery. Combining these 3 methods of getting Grave Dust in V Rising, you should have enough to spare or at least keep your equipment in good repair.

This covers 3 different methods to get grave dust in V Rising. Just visit Farbane Woods’s graveyards, take down the enemies, and use any excess flowers and bones in your workstations to get grave dust in V Rising.


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      Thanks for the comment! I’ve been wanting to do some NMS guides, but was having fun with V Rising. I am moving on to other games now, so I’ll definitely consider NMS – especially with the Switch release coming up.

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