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V Rising’s New Secrets of Gloomrot Update Offers a Major Content Expansion

V Rising, the indie vampire survival game that topped the Steam charts last year, has received its first major content expansion - The Secrets of Gloomrot. This free update massively expands creative freedom, adds loads of new items and adds an entirely new region - among much more.

V Rising's New Secrets of Gloomrot Update Offers a Major Content Expansion

Following its spectacular rise immediately after launch, the indie Vampire survival game V Rising has finally released its long-awaited major content expansion, titled the Secrets of Gloomrot. Ever since developer Sunlock Studios first teased the expansion in early December, the update rapidly grew to offer many changes the fanbase highly anticipated.

Aside from letting players build multiple story castles, adding new decorations and furniture, and letting players experiment with electricity, Secrets of Gloomrot gives V Rising a major refreshment and offers its players expensive new ways to interact with the Gothic Horror wonderland. 

V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Secrets of Gloomrot Brings a Long List of Updates

Secrets of Gloomrot is a major overhaul that aims to expand and reimagine the Vampiric Freedom of V Rising. You can read the official patch notes for more info. Aside from the many new additions to the game, the update also aims to optimize the experience. 

By far the largest new addition is an entirely new region, the titular region of Gloomrot. This brand new steampunk region in the far north of the map is centered around concepts of electricity, industrialization, and pollution – all while retaining V Rising‘s Gothic Horror appeal. The new region is split up into two separate areas – one with lower-level monsters (58-60) and one with higher ones (74-83). There are also 13 new V Blood Bosses and numerous new enemies, which also appear throughout the existing areas.

Additionally, the game has been updated considerably when it comes to castle construction. The major factor here is the ability to construct multiple floors, up to six floors in total. Claims have also been changed – instead of claiming single tiles, players can now customize preallocated places on the map. The castles can also be upgraded to a whole new level, level 5, allowing you up to 420 floortiles, 8 servant coffins, and a limit of 2500 blood essence in the castle heart.

Jewelry, New Magic School, and Electricity

The Secrets of Gloomrot update also adds various completely new mechanics, including Jewelry. Jewels can be found throughout the world, which adds additional benefits to spells. There is also an entirely new magic school, Storm. This spell school revolves around harnessing the power of storms and lightning to beat your enemies.

The last major update that the Secrets of Gloomrot introduces is arguably its most ambitious – the harnessing of the industrial revolution for your good. This includes the introduction of various new weapons, including pistols.

All and all, the brand-new Secrets of Gloomrot Update offers many new areas to explore for veteran V Rising players. As it stands right now, the update is the first of three upcoming content updates planned for the foreseeable future.

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