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10 of the Best WWE 2K22 Created Wrestlers So Far

Shake up the WWE 2K22 roster by checking out 10 of the best created wrestlers. Community Creations is already full of many different stars from other wrestling promotions such as AEW and Stardom. Become aware of which talented creators to keep an eye on.

10 of the Best WWE 2K22 Created Wrestlers So Far

Community Creations is an important feature in WWE games. It allows players, especially those who struggle creatively, to download and play as any custom wrestler they want. No matter how big the default rosters are, there’s always room for more. WWE 2K22‘s created wrestlers selection is already impressive after just a few weeks. Thousands of creations include wrestlers from other companies, legends, WWE talent who missed the cut and even fictional characters.

There are many talented creators whose version of a specific wrestler stands out amongst other versions. Players want the most accurate creation when it comes to appearance, move-set etc. This year, cross-platform Community Creations means that there are no restrictions. If a Xbox owner has the best Joker, for example, PlayStation players can freely download it. To help you expand your roster, here are 10 of the best WWE 2K22 created wrestlers so far.

The Fiend

Creator: AzorthiousCaws

Bray Wyatt’s twisted alter-ego terrorised WWE throughout his short run. He defeated the likes of Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and John Cena, and is the reason for Alexa Bliss’ current demonic persona. The Fiend was all set to appear in WWE 2K22 and play a major role in the MyRise career mode. In July 2021, though, Bray was shockingly released from WWE. Reports have hinted that the relationship ended on bad terms, which could be why he was removed from the game unlike wrestlers let go before him.

A devastating last-minute omission from the roster

A devastating last-minute omission from the roster

As expected, due to his popularity, there are many versions of The Fiend. He may be one of the most common WWE 2K22 CAWs (create-a-wrestlers). This creation is the most impressive, however. Not only does it have his regular attire, but the WrestleMania 37 attire is present. Burnt Fiend has been brilliantly created with each detail spot on. While his epic theme song has been removed, a new entrance motion has remained which AzorthiousCaws has attached to their character. “Let Him In” your game and reignite his reign of terror.

Cora Jade

Creator: DivaDadd-e

NXT has been the most entertaining weekly wrestling show since its 2.0 rebrand. This new era is primarily focused on developing young talent and building unique characters. NXT 2.0 began too soon to have any involvement in 2K’s latest game, unfortunately, meaning that a lot of the new talent are absent. One of those is 21 year old Cora Jade, the first full-time WWE wrestler born in the 2000s. Her skater-girl character and extreme in-ring style are beloved by many fans. She has grown to become a top contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

The next NXT Women's Champion?

The next NXT Women’s Champion?

This CAW of Cora on WWE 2K22 is a very good substitute for a developer-made character. Her face has the right features and she possesses her colourful attire. DivaDadd-e has even provided two versions with different hair styles. Sadly, there’s no entrance on the game that features a skateboard prop. This is the only downside to a great creation though. One of Cora’s finishers being a Swanton Bomb is fitting after her death-defying dive off the top of a steel cage at NXT: WarGames 2021. Download her and continue to progress her journey from internet fan to main event wrestler.

Jon Moxley

Creator: IconicCAWS

All Elite Wrestling’s videogame, developed by former WWE developers Yuke’s, still has a long way to go before it makes its entrance. In the meantime, many of the company’s top stars are in WWE 2K22 as created wrestlers. One of the standout creations is IconicCAWS’ Jon Moxley. Moxley is known by WWE fans as Dean Ambrose, who won multiple championships and competed against legendary superstars. In AEW, he is one of the baddest men around who loves hurting people and putting his body on the line.

AEW's no.1 badass

AEW’s no.1 badass

This model is very accurate, with even the body hair being spot on. It’s not far off from looking like Moxley himself was scanned for the game. His brawler-style move-set includes his devastating Paradigm Shift DDT finishers. There will be a lack of Wild Thing blasting through the in-game arenas, but having it play on Spotify in the background is an option. If you’re planning on involving AEW in your Universe mode, then this is one of the first creations you should download.

AJ Lee

Creator: LassKickBoss

Ever since her last videogame appearance in WWE 2K15, AJ Lee has regularly been a popular download in Community Creations. This year is no different with WWE 2K22‘s created wrestlers. The second-longest reigning Divas Champion can be put up against the stars of today’s women’s division. Her athleticism in the ring was admired by fans worldwide, and it was a shame that she retired just a few months prior to the ‘Women’s Revolution’. 

Give AJ Lee a big comeback run in your WWE Universe

Give AJ Lee a big comeback run in your WWE Universe

It’s been challenging in past games to find a great AJ Lee creation. This early one, though, is excellent. It’s clear that plenty of time was spent on her facial features by LassKickBoss. Her logos are nicely re-created on her gear also. The vicious Black Widow submission has been set as her finisher, and will help give you some easy victories. Personally, AJ Lee is one of my favourite women’s wrestlers of all time, so it’s good to see a high quality CAW of her already.

Malakai Black

Creator: Zaddik

Similar to The Fiend, it seemed like Malakai/Aleister Black was destined to remain in the WWE 2K franchise for 2K22. A bizarre June 2021 release changed everything, however. His AEW debut a month later caused him to be cut. Black has enjoyed a great run so far as he continues to develop a really interesting character. His House of Black faction have just begun to reign terror over the roster as he seeks championship gold.

Create your own House of Black

Create your own House of Black

Zannik’s CAW of Malakai is tremendous. The face is scarily precise and the tattoos have each been added carefully. They’ve also used the game’s attire options to create Malakai’s entrance gear as accurately as possible. There is, in fact, a cool new entrance motion for him although it’s based on the Aleister Black character. Download this creation and set up your own House of Black. You could even add The Fiend into it to create a truly menacing stable.


Creator: MrAlterNation

The former Divas Champion, and fellow Brit, is a shock omission from this year’s game. Despite her early retirement in 2018, Paige continued to appear in the series. Now, she has to settle for being a part of the WWE 2K22 created wrestlers. There are already plenty of creations of her. During her main roster run, Paige was popular with fans thanks to her unique goth appearance, hard-hitting move-set and trash-talking attitude. She even had a movie made based on her life, titled Fighting With My Family.

Time for Paige to reclaim her house

Time for Paige to reclaim her house

MrAlterNation’s version of Paige stands out because of the amount of attires. Here, she has her 2016 and NXT gear. They’ve uploaded another version too which contains her 2018 return gear as well as her SmackDown General Manager look (select Content by the Creator for easy access). Fans can choose their favourite era of Paige to play as, with each appearance being well detailed. She has a nice variety of moves in her arsenal and her entrance remains in 2K22. Give her those few extra years of her career which she was so cruelly robbed of.

Bron Breakker

Creator: MisterFiendX

While Cora Jade is the future of NXT‘s women’s division, Bron Breakker is both the future and the present of the men’s division. The nephew of Scott Steiner has quickly become a fan favourite thanks to his aggressive, powerhouse in-ring style and brilliant promo skills. It’s why he’s already a former NXT Champion, with a second reign possibly on the cards very soon. If he debuted just a bit earlier he would’ve certainly been a part of WWE 2K22‘s DLC.

Almost certainly a future world champion

Almost certainly a future world champion

There is a version of Breakker on the first page of the most downloaded created wrestlers, but this more recent one is my preference. The creator has done a phenomenal job capturing his likeness. It’s nice that they’ve provided four different attires for players to choose from (make sure to copy and paste your chosen look into either Ring or Entrance Attire). Breakker’s moveset is very Steiner-like, bringing back memories for older wrestling fans. Bring a dream match forward a few years by putting him up against Roman Reigns.

Momo Watanabe

Creator: ANTI

Quality creations of Japanese women’s wrestlers can take a long time to pop up on Community Creations. This is partly due to promotions like Stardom and TJPW having much smaller fanbases than western companies. Momo Watanabe, one of Stardom’s biggest stars, has been lucky enough to have a great CAW created already. A member of the heel Oedo Tai faction, Momo is recognised by some as the most dominant Wonder of Stardom Champion of all time.

A big star from the best wrestling promotion right now

A big star from the best wrestling promotion right now

Working within WWE 2K22‘s limitations, ANTI has nicely re-created Momo’s newest Oedo Tai attire. A face image has clearly been used to make this model look as accurate as possible. It would certainly be interesting to see how the ‘Black Peach’ would fare in the WWE women’s division. Her strong-style offense, consisting of kicks and suplexes, hints that she would be just fine though. While her Stardom co-workers are not currently available, it’s worth downloading this Momo right now if you’re a Joshi wrestling fan.

Corey Graves

Creator: WhatsTheStatus

From the commentary table to the squared circle. Raw commentator Corey Graves is a former wrestler who has recently been cleared for a possible return. He achieved success in NXT as a Tag Team Champion before being forced to retire. As a WWE 2K22 created wrestler, players can begin his comeback before it’s even a reality.

Yes, Corey will commentate his own matches

Yes, Corey will commentate his own matches

You may be in awe at how incredible this Corey’s likeness is. Well, this is actually his in-game model that you see sitting at the commentary table. Long-time creator WhatsTheStatus did some tricks on PC to convert the model into a CAW. Corey has his tattoos, move-set, entrance and even ring announcement! It makes you wonder if Visual Concepts made preparations for his real-life comeback. If a good Byron Saxton creation pops up, then a long-awaited match between the two commentators can finally happen.



One of the best parts of Community Creations is fictional characters being re-created as wrestlers. Common appearances include Spider-Man, Shrek and PlayStation’s Kratos. The Midgard resident has often been compared to Triple H, but what would happen if the two collided? WWE 2K22 is the latest chance for fans of God of War and wrestling to find out. Kratos has decided to undergo a bit of extra training before his upcoming encounter with Thor

A little warm-up before Ragnarok begins

A little warm-up before Ragnarok begins

Kratos is one of the better looking models out of all the created wrestlers. From the facial hair to the war paint, everything looks exactly how it should. His armour is even present with Kratos not caring about unfair advantages. With his weight class being super heavyweight and possessing finishers such as the Spear, he is a powerful superstar to play as. He’s capable of beating anyone you put him up against.

What other creations do you think are the best created wrestlers in WWE 2K22? Let me know in the comments below!

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