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10 of the Best WWE 2K22 Created Championships So Far

Give superstars more gold to fight for in WWE 2K22 with this list of 10 of the best created championships so far. Title matches are usually the biggest occasions in wrestling, creating high stakes. Wrestlers can compete for championships outside of WWE or completely new belts thanks to Community Creations.

10 of the Best WWE 2K22 Created Championships So Far

10 of the best custom superstars and arenas on WWE 2K22 have been covered. It’s now time to jump once again into Community Creations for championships, one of the main reasons why people wrestle. Visual Concepts have included many of WWE’s most prestigious belts in this year’s game. Certain titles such as the WWE World and Intercontinental Championships even have multiple versions from different eras. Some players, however, want more for their roster to fight over.

Creators have already uploaded championships from all over the world, as well as original creations. Promotions like AEW, IMPACT and NJPW have been represented so that their fans can continue their belts’ lineage in virtual form. There are many available for all players to choose from so that their Universe mode set-up can be completed. Here are 10 of the best WWE 2K22 created championships so far.

Women’s United States Championship

Creator: MsStevie

WWE’s women have never had a secondary singles championship to compete for. Usually, those who aren’t involved with the Raw or SmackDown Women’s Championship are either thrown into the tag team division or left off TV. This game gives players the opportunity to finally provide these women with another title to work towards. Community Creations possesses many original championships that can be downloaded, but you can’t go wrong with a United States Championship.

The women's division is desperate for a singles mid-card title

The women’s division is desperate for a singles mid-card title

This Women’s United States Championship created by MsStevie may look familiar to long-time wrestling fans. Its design is similar to John Cena’s US spinner Championship. Unfortunately, this one has no spinner but there is a white strap. While the belt’s overall look is simple, it works. The ‘US’ is very visually pleasing. The men’s version has a rich history spanning decades. Now, it can be the women’s turn to write their own history with this United States title.

Ring of Honor World Championship

Creator: MajorFreebird

The wrestling industry recently experienced another monumental moment when Tony Khan, the founder of AEW, announced that he had bought Ring of Honor. A big roster of talent and many championships now belong to the billionaire. One of the latter is, of course, the ROH World Championship. This has already been defended on AEW TV. A few wrestlers who have held the title are considered by many to be among the best in the world. On WWE 2K22, this impressive lineage can be extended.

One of AEW's newly obtained championships

One of Tony Khan’s newly obtained championships

MajorFreebird has produced a near perfect re-creation of the championship that Samoa Joe once held for 645 days. Most of the details are present, with the company logo looking as accurate as it can be. The globe side-plates and even the crown at the top of the design have been included. For those die-hard ROH fans wishing for the original belt, I’m sure that this is also available on Community Creations. This current design, though, is one that alumni such as Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens would love to get their hands on.

WWE Championship (Edge Version)

Creator: DarkMaskedNinja

Edge vs John Cena is a historic rivalry that dominated the majority of 2006. The two fought over the WWE Championship, from Money in the Bank cash-ins to TLC matches. One of the biggest moments, however, was when Edge replaced John Cena’s WWE Championship spinner belt with his own. It was named as the ‘Rated-R’ WWE Championship. His logo acted as the spinner. It looked great, even if Cena disagreed, and it seems like a good idea to bring it back for one last Edge title run.

Turn back time to summer 2006

Turn back time to summer 2006

Despite this being a spinner belt, the Edge logo sadly does not spin during entrances. Regardless, the design looks excellent and fit for the ‘Ultimate Opportunist’ himself. There’s no need to restrict this to one superstar, though. The beauty of WWE games is the creative freedom available. Players who wish to move on from Edge can make another wrestler the new ‘Rated R Superstar’

SmackDown vs Raw Championship

Creator: MachoRumbleJP

Brand warfare has been a common storyline for decades in WWE. Often taking place in time for the Survivor Series PPV, the SmackDown and Raw shows battle each other for annual bragging rights. Fans also get involved on social media by picking a brand to support. Personally, I’ve always been a SmackDown guy. It can seem strange for this war to only occur for a specific period of time once a year, so what if it took place all year round?

Take brand warfare to new heights

Take brand warfare to new heights

The SmackDown vs Raw Championship, created by MachoRumbleJP, would make for some fun matches at PPVs where a wrestler from each brand go head-to-head. Whichever show holds the belt is the superior force. The design for this belt is beautiful. The half-and-half colouring of the gold and straps is a basic, yet nice change to the WWE Championship. I love that even the logo is coloured both blue and red. Some may want a more unique appearance, but this creation is certainly one of the best looking WWE 2K22 created championships.

FTW Championship

Creator: WrestlingFanatic

AEW’s Team Taz have been a dominant force for almost two years now. They are full of arrogance, which is emphasised by them having their own championship. The FTW Championship was first seen back in the late 90s when Taz created it, due to being unable to compete for the ECW World Championship. He reinstated it in 2020. Ricky Starks has since defended the title against multiple wrestlers, keeping it in the grasps of his team.

Represent Team Taz on WWE 2K22

Represent Team Taz on WWE 2K22

For obvious reasons, this creation is missing the middle finger side plate. Besides that, WrestlingFanatic has been able to produce an accurate belt. The logos and text font are exactly as they should be. It’s a basic yet visually appealing design that’s very Taz-like. Players who want to re-create Team Taz in their game should definitely download this. Go one step further and have the FTW Championship headline a WrestleMania.

IWGP United States Championship

Creator: flyingelbowdrop

New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s worldwide reach has been on the rise for many years. In 2017, the IWGP United States Championship was created as part of the company’s American expansion plan. It has since been held by many wrestlers who reside in the US, as well as defended in various states and in Japan. For players who have chosen to involve NJPW and custom Japanese superstars in their 2K22 Universe, this belt is a must-have.

Perfect for a NJPW Universe mode

Perfect for a NJPW Universe mode

Unfortunately, the awkward shape of the IWGP US belt means that this creator has been unable to fully replicate it. Thankfully, though, the rest of the design looks great. It’s why it’s one of the best WWE 2K22 created championships. The dark red strap helps it to stand out among the other titles in the game. NJPW fans will be glad to see that the side plates are accurate along with the small pieces of silver at the front. Everyone on the WWE roster would be fighting to get hold of this.

AEW World Championship

Creator: HOOPLAHeadquarters

At AEW’s inaugural event in 2019, this massive belt was revealed by Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and Jack Whitehall. Those are two names you’d never expect to read in the same sentence. This is one of the most atheistically pleasing world championships in wrestling. There have been just four reigns, due to each wrestler holding it for many months. It emphasises how prestigious this title is, though. To win it, you have to be the best wrestler in the company.

Mr McMahon will want to get his hands on this belt

Mr McMahon will want to get his hands on this belt

Fans of AEW will be delighted to see its World Championship brilliantly re-produced in a WWE game. It looks big and the larger side plates have been added with full detail. It’s also great to see that the ‘E’ in the company name is highlighted in gold. The whole belt’s colour shade is as close to real-life as can be, compared to other creations which haven’t achieved that much accuracy. HOOPLAHeadquarters has undoubtedly pleased many thousands of people.

IMPACT X Division Championship

Creator: MajorFreebird

This is a championship which has been a big part of TNA/IMPACT for 20 years. The X Division was created with the aim of mixing traditional wrestling and high-risk action together. Specialty matches were even given to the championship, including Ultimate X and Xscape. These have been popular with fans over the years. All-time greats such as AJ Styles and Kurt Angle have held the belt. With how chaotic matches can become in WWE 2K22, this seems like a good championship to download.

Add to an already impressive match catalogue

Add to an already impressive match catalogue

MajorFreebird has chosen to create the current IMPACT X Division Championship, but fans of past designs should also find those on Community Creations. This current iteration of the belt has been well-done, though. Like AEW’s World Championship, it has large side plates. The all-important red X is front and centre, and the mix of silver and red is perfect. It’s a great looking belt to have hanging off an arena ceiling, ready to be obtained in a multi-man ladder match.

WWE Championship (nWo Version)

Creator: MajorFreebird

2K and Visual Concepts have already paid tribute to the legendary nWo with WWE 2K22‘s special nWo-4-Life edition. One creator has gone a step further by creating an original championship dedicated to the faction. In WCW, the World Heavyweight Championship historically had ‘nWo’ spray painted on it by Hulk Hogan. It was the ultimate sign that the company had been fully taken over. This belt is present in this year’s game, but some players may fancy something new.

A unique championship fit for a nWo takeover storyline

A unique championship fit for a nWo takeover storyline

Once again in the spotlight, MajorFreebird has really established themselves as one of WWE 2K22‘s best created championship creators with this original belt. This is a beautiful black and white WWE Championship with the logo present on the strap. What I most love is Vince McMahon’s company’s logo acting as the ‘W’ in nWo. Truly his worst nightmare come to fruition. 

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Creator: JamesRHustle

This last entry highlights the oldest surviving wrestling championship in the world. The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship’s lineage goes way back to the sport’s first-ever World Heavyweight Championship, which itself dates back to 1905. Historic figures like Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers have reigned on top of the industry. Today, it’s still defended by wrestlers on shows across the world. This is a good created championship to download on WWE 2K22, as there are legendary superstars on the roster who have never held this belt.

A legendary championship defended all over the world

A legendary championship defended all over the world

Creator JamesRHustle has nicely replicated this long-used belt which has been modernised over the years. One interesting change is the Australia flag on one of the side plates being replaced by the United Kingdom flag. Sorry to all the Aussies reading this. Everything else is how it should be, though. This is a championship that deserves to be defended in the virtual wrestling world. Just keep it away from Ric Flair. 10 reigns is enough for ‘The Nature Boy’.

What other creations do you think are the best created championships in WWE 2K22? Let me know in the comments below!

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