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5 Tips for WWE 2K22’s MyRise mode

Take your custom superstar to the top of the world with these 5 tips for WWE 2K22's MyRise. Visual Concepts' new career mode takes players through many enjoyable storylines as they win championships. There are plenty of ways to make the journey easier and ensure you get the most out of the experience.

5 Tips for WWE 2K22's MyRise mode

One of WWE 2K22‘s most exciting new features is a new career mode, titled MyRise. The linear storylines seen in MyCareer have been abandoned in favour of multiple stories. The primary goal is still to reach the top of WWE as a male or female superstar, but players will experience many unique narratives along the way. Alliances and enemies can be made throughout, and decisions determine what kind of person your custom wrestler is. Everyone will play this mode differently, but there are ways to win matches easier and to get the most out of the gameplay. Here are 5 tips for WWE 2K22‘s MyRise mode.

Start in NXT

WWE 2K22‘s MyRise kicks off at the Performance Center, which acts as a tutorial to teach players the ropes. This opening chapter finishes with a match where, if the player wins, they’re able to choose which show they wish to compete on. Raw, SmackDown and NXT are the options. NXT is the ideal choice here. No matter which gender division you’re in, you’ll be coming up against a limited roster. This means wrestling the same names over and over again. It’s best to get the black and gold brand out of the way early on to avoid the repetition dampening your experience late on.

Prepare for William Regal to test your patience in NXT

Prepare for William Regal to test your patience in NXT

There are a variety of storylines available in NXT which give players a good first look of this game mode’s exciting unpredictability. This is another reason for the brand being the recommended first destination. On the women’s side, a rivalry with Toni Storm over the UK Women’s Championship ends with an intense ladder match. Tension with Tegan Nox results in some hilarious verbal and text interactions with William Regal and Tegan herself. While you may find fighting certain wrestlers multiple times tiring, the quality of the stories can make this portion of your career a fun extra introduction.

Check Social Media Regularly

A key part of WWE 2K22‘s MyRise mode is social media, which is also seen in MyGM. It’s where players can see how wrestlers and staff are reacting to their actions. Your superstar will also voice their thoughts, with their tone depending on their character alignment. It’s also a way to start and advance storylines, however. Sometimes the game will force you into this part of the hub, but mostly it’s up to you to visit it to kick off rivalries. It’s important to visit social media regularly in order to play everything there is to offer in MyRise.

'Big Time Becks' will happily call you out on Twitter

‘Big Time Becks’ will happily call you out on Twitter

You can also enjoy some extra interactions that reveal more about your custom character’s personality and background, including messages with parents. They may even publicly give their own two cents on a certain situation, such as you being screwed out of a championship. These little details can make the overall experience feel true to life. You’ll be missing out if you don’t check your Twitter often. In future games, it would be nice to see this element expanded further where players possibly have more freedom over their posts and replies.

Upgrade Submission Attribute

Matches are not always compulsory to win. It would be a tough ask for Visual Concepts to demand that your created wrestler goes their whole career undefeated. Losing can have consequences, though, as you may fail a story and have to start over from its beginning. WWE 2K22′s MyRise offers many rewards for completing tasks, from arenas to attire parts, so you’ll want to win as much as you can. Enhancing your superstar’s attributes is essential to enjoy continued success. This can be done from the hub at any time.

Max out that submissions rating for easy victories

Max out that submissions rating for easy victories

To get easy and quick victories, focus on upgrading the submission attribute to its maximum level. It’s common for opponents to survive one, or even two, finishers which can make matches long and leave you vulnerable to a sudden comeback. Slapping on a submission when an opposition’s limb is red will almost guarantee a tap out. If you possess one as a finisher, then a heavily damaged limb won’t even be required. Following this tip will help you enjoy a fast rise up the WWE ranks.

Edit Your Superstar

Players are able to customise their created superstar at any time throughout MyRise. It’s important to take advantage of this in order to keep your experience fresh. Executing the same moves in every match can become unenjoyable after a while, for example. If your wrestler began without springboard dives, perhaps these can be added after you feel they’ve developed enough in their career. You may also think that a new victory celebration is necessary.

Undergo a drastic transformation like Roman Reigns

Undergo a drastic transformation like Roman Reigns

A good time to consider changing things up is when you change shows or alter your alignment permanently. In real-life, a new heel character normally transforms their entire presentation. A different attire and entrance will reflect their new evil personality. Doing this in WWE 2K22 will add more authenticity and entertainment to your playthrough. The game boasts an in-depth creation suite, with loads of clothing options to choose from to update your wrestler. Turning them into a babyface superhero is certainly possible.

Play Every Challenge Match

Outside of storylines, there are other matches in WWE 2K22 MyRise that players can take on in the form of challenges. These offer rewards such as increases to attributes which can be very valuable at the beginning of a career. The stories behind them are humorous, ranging from defending a podcaster to preventing Carmella and Ember Moon from donating to an animal charity. Some matches do require you to be either a face or heel. A bit of alignment flip-flopping will be needed to complete them all.

Even MJF wouldn't agree to this

Even MJF wouldn’t agree to this

Playing all challenges is recommended because of their helpful rewards. In-between stories, it’s wise to check every accessible location in the hub for NPCs that provide you with opportunities. You’ll also get people in your social media messages. From a fangirl to a blogger, everyone has a request for WWE’s fastest-rising superstar. Some won’t be easy as you could be wrestling legends or competing in handicap matches. You’ve got to earn that extra 5% boost to your aerial offense.

What other tips do you have for WWE 2K22‘s MyRise mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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