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8 of the Best Powerhouses in WWE 2K22 MyFaction

Add some quality muscle to your stable with this list of 8 of the best powerhouses in WWE 2K22 MyFaction. Discover each wrestler's best, most accessible card and how to get them. Players will be more capable of dominating matches by overpowering opponents and rise up quickly through the ranks in the process.

8 of the Best Powerhouses in WWE 2K22 MyFaction

There was a major debut in WWE 2K22 in the form of the card-based single player MyFaction mode. It allows players to build their dream faction that can dominate the world of WWE. Superstars of different rarities can be obtained in a variety of ways including card packs and weekly events, similar to FIFA Ultimate Team and NBA 2K MyTeam. Each wrestler possesses one of four fighting styles, which will determine what objectives players have to complete in matches in order to earn MyFaction points and upgrade cards. For example, one objective would be a striker superstar hitting 15 heavy strikes in a single match. These styles also come with many different gameplay buffs in the form of badges, such as running attack damage being increased.

The large roster curated by Visual Concepts means that there are many WWE superstars and legends, from Alexa Bliss to Shawn Michaels, who can join your faction. However, which competitors deserve a spot in your line-ups of four men and four women? Let’s find out some of the best options for each fighting style, starting with powerhouses. These are the strongest wrestlers who will dominate matches and deal plenty of damage to opponents. I’ll also detail how to obtain each entry’s best, and most accessible, card. Here are 8 of the best powerhouses in WWE 2K22 MyFaction.

Drew McIntyre

Scotland’s former WWE Champion is a force to be reckoned with even in the virtual squared circle. His Amethyst card is among the highest rated in WWE 2K22 MyFaction with an 87 overall. It can be obtained by buying it on the Token Market with MyFaction tokens, although access to cards of this tier takes time. The wait is worth it, though, as Drew McIntyre boasts immense strength which means any attack will deal a fair amount of damage. His endurance attributes are high, meaning you’ll find it easier to kick out of pins and escape submissions.

The Scottish Warrior has a devastating Claymore Kick running finisher

The Scotsman has a devastating Claymore Kick running finisher

The Scottish Warrior possesses some helpful badges that will give you boosts in attack and defense. The gold Determination badge stands out, with Tank Mode making it almost impossible for opponents to deal any damage to Drew. A giant like Andre the Giant would even struggle. Pain Train is a great buff also as his finisher is a running Claymore Kick. If you’re wishing to put someone away quickly, then a single Claymore should do the trick. As soon as you reach the Amethyst set on the market, Drew McIntyre should be your first purchase.

Bianca Belair

Raw‘s current Women’s Champion arguably has a rating that doesn’t reflect her 2021, but she’s still one of the best female powerhouses on WWE 2K22 MyFaction. Like Drew McIntyre, Amethyst is Bianca Belair’s best card with an 81 overall and it’s very accessible for all players. Completing Chapter 2 of the Proving Grounds career mode is what’s required to get the EST into your faction. No virtual currency needed. Not only is she strong, but she’s also athletic and possesses great diving attributes. Bianca is a powerhouse capable of shaking things up. 

WWE's most athletic powerhouse

WWE’s most athletic powerhouse

Becky Lynch’s least favourite person has some interesting badges. Rabblerouser grants you a finisher after performing two successful taunts. It can only be used once per match, so use it wisely. When hitting her K.O.D finisher, Bianca will regain health through the Lionheart badge. This is especially helpful in matches where the objectives take a while to complete. It’s always frustrating to lose a match when you’ve almost completed a long objective. Bianca may not be the best long-term option for your faction, but getting her so early in the game mode will help you progress faster.

The Rock

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? It’s a Diamond card! The Hollywood mega-star is one of the best legend cards available on WWE 2K22 MyFaction with a huge rating of 92. He boasts some very impressive attributes which includes his grappling, striking, and running attacks. His endurance numbers are also high, making him the complete package and great to have in your unit. The Rock Bottom is a quick finisher that can be hit by surprise, although the People’s Elbow has a long animation that can be interrupted by opponents. It may be best to avoid using the latter in tornado tag contests.

Lay the smackdown on all of your opponents

Lay the smackdown on all of your opponents

The multi-time World Champion comes with an astonishing three gold badges upon acquiring him from the Token Market, something that will take plenty of time. Two of them are enhanced versions of Bianca Belair’s best badges. Rabblerouser only requires one successful taunt, while The Rock’s Lionheart will give him even more health. His third gold ability, Showman, gives you a good few extra MF points for winning a match after delivering a finisher. Upon reaching Diamond tier on the market, the People’s Champion should be first on your list as he’ll help you purchase other wrestlers at a faster rate.


WWE’s ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ recently returned to the videogame series in 2K20. She once again features this year. Like The Rock, with whom she had run-ins with throughout the Attitude Era, Chyna’s best card is an 86 rated Diamond which is accessible through using tokens on the marketplace. She is the ultimate female powerhouse, possessing good numbers across all attack abilities. She’s also a difficult competitor for the AI to deal damage against. Intergender wrestling is not present in 2K22, but there is another powerful woman who matches up to her…

Chyna is a great addition to any faction

Chyna is a great addition to any faction

Lionheart makes another appearance, seeming to be a common buff for powerhouse superstars. Chyna, though, has another gold badge titled Going in Hot. She’ll start every match with a large percentage of her Special meter built up, meaning it will take less time for players to obtain a finisher. This will be a nice, early advantage to save up while you complete objectives in case any opposition offense needs to be shut down. The former Intercontinental Champion can also enter the Tank Mode state on two different occasions, further improving her resiliency.

Roman Reigns

Headlining WrestleMania six times is a rare feat, but The Tribal Chief has done just that. His dominance can continue in WWE 2K22‘s MyFaction game mode. It’s perhaps surprising that his best card is an Amethyst rather than a Diamond, but an 86 overall makes him one of the highest in that tier. He’s unlocked by completing Chapter 3 of Proving Grounds which could be seen as a rather generous reward. Roman Reigns is a powerhouse who’s strong, quick and even capable of diving out of the ring. His attributes reflect just that. He may not excel in one area, but he’s well skilled in every area including submissions. If desperate times occur, a regular submission from Roman will be enough for a tap out. 

The Head of the Table

The Head of the Table

Just like his rival Drew McIntyre, Roman possesses the Pain Train trait which is very useful considering his Spear finisher. It can be hit out of nowhere and, on this game mode, will usually signal game over for your opponents. The Second Wind badge allows you to recover quickly when Roman has taken severe damage. When hit with an opposition’s finisher, for example, you can get him back up immediately. In wrestling terms, he will ‘no-sell’. The longest-reigning Universal Champion is a must-have for your squad.

Beth Phoenix

If one woman had to be stronger than Chyna, then The Glamazon is a good option. Visual Concepts have been kind to the Hall of Famer in this game mode, giving her an 89 rated Diamond card. She is the top reward of the Collector’s Level. Players have to collect a staggering 850 cards to obtain this version of Beth Phoenix. While there are others available, none come close to being better. She will overpower every opponent and resist all offense. The Glam Slam finisher is one of the most devastating moves in the game.

The Glamazon is capable of dominating anyone

The Glamazon is capable of dominating anyone

The multi-time Women’s Champion has some great defensive badges that have already been highlighted in other entries. A new one, however, is Getting Even. With this, you’ll gain a finisher as Beth when she’s tagged in by a hurt teammate. This can occur three times in one match. In two-on-two tag team matches, it may be wise to partner her with a weaker superstar so that this badge is more likely to be used. Beth can come in and perhaps instantly win the match.

The Undertaker

This year’s new Hall of Fame inductee is one of the biggest stars in WWE 2K22 MyFaction. There are many different Undertaker cards, with multiple eras represented. American Badass Undertaker is obtainable through completing all 500 Faction Wars matches, but he’s down as a striker. The Deadman version, though, is a powerhouse whose Diamond card is earned through the Token Market. His punches may be weaker, but standing and running grapples are highly rated making him a dominant wrestler. 

All of your opponents will

All of your opponents will “rest in peace”

A gold Second Wind badge is to be expected for the brother of Kane, since the sit-up is once of his trademarks. Amazingly, Undertaker has two badges that activate upon kicking out of pins. These are Endurance and Unstoppable. Not only will he recover damage, but he’ll also enter Tank Mode which is a nice bonus. The AI attempting numerous covers will be a great advantage to you. This legendary figure has always been considered very tough to defeat, and that’s well reflected in this game mode.


Long-time rival Sasha Banks certainly won’t be happy to see this woman as the final entry. Bayley has been out of action for a year but she’s still a strong competitor in the virtual world. Her best card falls into the Amethyst tier, and is obtainable through the Token Market. While Bianca Belair is more of a full-on powerhouse, Bayley is an all-rounder similar to Roman Reigns. She can hurt opponents in a variety of ways, with even her weapon and environmental damage attributes being at a high level. 

Ding dong. Let Bayley into your faction

Ding dong. Let Bayley into your faction

The very helpful Rabblerouser and Lionheart buffs return, but Bayley has a new badge that seems even more useful. Slippery Eel increases her pin escape attribute, making it easier for you to kick out of pin attempts. If you get hit with a finisher then you can rest easy knowing that the former NXT Women’s Champion is capable of surviving. Clock Watcher is interesting with Bayley entering the damage-increasing Beast Mode when being counted out by the referee. If this is unlimited, then you could easily go out and into the ring whenever you wish for some easy extra power.

What powerhouse superstars are in your WWE 2K22 MyFaction line-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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