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10 of the Best WWE 2K22 Created Arenas So Far

Expand your wrestling environment options by discovering 10 of the best created arenas in WWE 2K22. Memorable shows from the past can be re-lived accurately. Fans of other promotions can bring those arenas into their WWE. The likes of John Cena and The Undertaker could even be taken to a different world.

10 of the Best WWE 2K22 Created Arenas So Far

The latest WWE game provides players with plenty of creative freedom. Creating and downloading new superstars to play as is just the beginning. Those wrestlers need somewhere to sort out their differences, and perhaps Jon Moxley wrestling in the modern-day Raw arena is unappealing. It’s off back to Community Creations to hunt for created arenas.

There are venues from the past, elsewhere in the world and even in other worlds available to download. Players can either re-create their favourite WWE shows or bring a company like AEW into their Universe mode. Creators have already worked hard to give fans plenty of options to choose from. Here are 10 of the best created arenas in WWE 2K22 so far.

AEW Dynamite

Creator: BruiserManagerENG

It should be no surprise that this is one of most downloaded arenas on WWE 2K22. Thanks to the game’s in-depth creation suite, fans of AEW are able to run their own version of the company. It certainly helps to make the wait for the AEW game easier. Multiple shows have been re-created so far, from PPVs to weekly shows. This Dynamite arena, though, is an arena that must be downloaded given that it’s the flagship program. What else would Wednesday nights mean otherwise?

Take over Tony Khan's job of making matches

Take over Tony Khan’s job of making matches

BruiserManagerENG has done a great job at creating this elite environment. They’ve cleverly included the two walkways through the use of images. At ringside, the AEW and TBS logos have been accurately placed with the crowd barrier even being exactly as it is on TV. The only downside is the commentary table not being able to be placed on the stage. Regardless, this is a created arena that Tony Khan himself would be proud of.

WrestleMania 38

Creator: YoBoy

The dust has settled after WWE’s biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 38. The two-night show featured the return of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Roman Reigns unifying the World Championships. On WWE 2K22, fans can re-live or re-write the experience by downloading this quickly made custom arena. They can now put the game’s WrestleMania 37 arena to rest for the sake of accuracy.

This year's WrestleMania was one of the best yet

This year’s WrestleMania was one of the best yet

There are a few WrestleMania 38 arenas to choose from. YoBoy’s attempt stood out, however. Working within the game’s limitations, their version seems to be as close as it can be to the real thing. The big structure displaying the event’s name is present and the stage, although not authentic, is a great substitute. What’s also impressive is the attention to detail around the ring. The show’s colourful presentation is there along with LED barricades through the use of images. Until WWE 2K23, players will struggle to find a better arena than this one.

SmackDown ’99

Creator: SlamBusinessRU

Some fans have long-wished for WWE’s much-beloved ‘Attitude Era’ to return. Those times in the late 90s and early 00s will never return in reality, so they can be brought back virtually instead. WWE 2K22‘s Community Creations is packed with custom superstars and shows from that period. Players can download all-time great shows such as WrestleMania 17, along with legends like Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. One of the most recognisable arenas, though, is SmackDown! which hosted many iconic moments.

Go back in time to the Attitude Era

Go back in time to the Attitude Era

Creator SlamBusinessRU has brilliantly brought the SmackDown! stage back to life by placing the correct structure. The classic logo even fits onto the titantron perfectly. An all-black ringside area with no fancy technology will fill many players with feelings of nostalgia. A nice piece of detail is the filter that’s been applied to the arena, reflecting the darker environment back then compared to today. Matches will feel like they’re taking place in the late 90s.

WCW Bash at the Beach

Creator: Stormwarrior

Bash at the Beach was one of WCW’s biggest PPV events. It’s where Hulk Hogan turned heel and formed the nWo in 1996. The arena from that year is included in WWE 2K22‘s nWo 4-Life special edition, but what about players who didn’t wish to pay that extra money? Luckily, Community Creations possesses a special, modernised arena of the iconic PPV. Fans who wish to revive Ted Turner’s promotion can also download other custom shows.

Bring back an iconic PPV

Bring back an iconic PPV

Stormwarrior has been clever in their design of this unique arena. The ringside floor looks like sand, which is perfect for a show of this name. Best to keep Darth Vader custom wrestlers away from here then. The entranceway has the simplicity of a typical WCW stage but a modern touch with an arched lighting structure. Palm tree props are great to see also. For players who are tired of SummerSlam, bringing back Bash at the Beach in this style seems like a very good idea.

Goro’s Lair (Mortal Kombat)

Creator: BaddestChairmanParty

Create-An-Arena allows people’s imaginations to run wild. Creations based off of environments from fictional media are common in the WWE 2K series. Sonic the Hedgehog’s Green Hill Zone and Spongebob’s Jellyfish Fields are just some examples of areas transported into the world of wrestling. Goro’s Lair from the original Mortal Kombat, though, is one of the best WWE 2K22 created arenas. It is fitting too considering combos are a new gameplay feature.

Who knew that Goro does wrestling training in his spare time?

Who knew that Goro does wrestling training in his spare time?

It’s amazing to see how well Goro’s Lair has been re-created. The stage is the exact image of Mortal Kombat‘s final level background, and the logo is on the titantron for good measure. I love seeing the ringside portion made entirely of bricks. The ring looks like it was built from the ground up by the underworld. WWE games are no stranger to Midway’s hit series, with 1995’s WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game being heavily inspired by the fighter. Downloading this arena will bring the two closer than ever before.

Stardom Nagoya Supreme Fight

Creator: JZo

For those who wish to take WWE’s women wrestlers over to Japan, various Stardom shows can be downloaded. Who doesn’t love a good invasion storyline? I’ve chosen to highlight JZo’s version of the Nagoya Supreme Fight event. This was the promotion’s first PPV of 2022 and featured a match of the year candidate in Mayu Iwatani vs Giulia. 

A place to bring your dream women's matches to life

A place to bring your dream women’s matches to life

It’s impressive how accurate this arena looks. The flags of Stardom’s factions have been re-created as LED boards, for example. Players could even change them to logos of WWE factions. The ring looks spot-on and includes the correct Japanese text on the apron. It doesn’t have too many downloads as of writing, but you’d struggle to find a better Stardom arena than this one.

WrestleMania 31

Creator: TopRopeSharpshooterEU

Considered by many fans to be one of the best WrestleMania PPVs of the past decade, the 31st event has made its return to WWE games. It’s currently one of the most downloaded WWE 2K22 created arenas and it’s easy to see why. This show featured Seth Rollins’ stunning Money in the Bank cash-in and Undertaker’s entrance bizarrely taking place in daylight. I go back and watch it every year before the upcoming WrestleMania.

An arena that brings back fun memories

An arena that brings back fun memories

TopRopeSharpshooterEU has achieved near perfection with this creation. The stage has everything from the big, wide logo to the play button. Of course, this is an outdoor arena with the time of day depending on the player’s choice. The only unfortunate inaccuracy is the structure around the ring not being LED posts. Fans of this show, however, will love this custom arena. I’ve already set it as my WrestleMania in Universe mode.

SmackDown ’03

Creator: TJfromxtheSt

WWE’s blue brand has already appeared as an entry on this list, but that’s not the arena I grew up with. SmackDown’s arena from the 2000’s ‘Ruthless Aggression’ era has always been popular with fans. It has yet to make its official comeback in the WWE games. Once again, a custom arena will have to do. Thankfully, TJfromxtheSt has very nicely paid tribute to a legendary setting.

The iconic fist

The iconic fist

Firstly, the fist is present on the stage. No, it’s not climbable like in SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth unfortunately. With its shattered glass design, the rest of the set is exactly how it should be. The creator has also included the white ring apron along with blue ropes. One possible concern lies with the titantrons being too small, so the preview suggests. Don’t let this sway you away, though, as this is a great creation that’s well worth downloading no matter what.

In Your House ’97

Creator: Nednil

The classic WWF PPV has made a comeback in recent years as a NXT premium live event. While the latter looks superb in WWE 2K22, it’s good to go back to the past. There were 16 In Your House events before the name became a moniker. Each one featured the iconic stage that many wrestling fans will be familiar with. Many high-profile wrestlers have walked past that house, and now it’s time for players to add more names to that list.

The set that inspired NXT's In Your House PPV

The set that inspired NXT’s In Your House PPV

Nednil will bring tears to some fans’ eyes with their brilliant custom arena. The big house with window and plants is there, along with the door. Sadly, players can’t interact with the stage. Nobody will be getting thrown through the window. The WWF and In Your House logos are scattered over the ring, and the ropes are in the traditional colours of red, white and blue. This gives the arena an even more authentic appearance.

The Oscars

Creator: EveryBodyKillia

It amazes me how quickly some people work. Just a few hours after a very memorable Oscars, EveryBodyKillia created and uploaded a wrestling arena based on the ceremony. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was clearly the inspiration for this, and there’s no doubt there are many created wrestlers of the two hanging about on Community Creations.

WWE 2K creators work hard and fast

WWE 2K creators work hard and fast

As soon as I saw this creation, I immediately considered it to be one of the best WWE 2K22 created arenas. The gold and black stage is perfect, along with the giant titantron that shows the Oscars logo. I love the ringside floor appearing as a red carpet. The ring mat has a cool design too that sticks with the colour theme. This is a great setting for Will and Chris to settle things once and for all.

What other creations do you think are the best created arenas in WWE 2K22? Let me know in the comments below!

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