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7 Tips for WWE 2K22’s MyGM mode

Lay the SmackDown on rival General Managers with these 7 tips for WWE 2K22's MyGM Mode. Learn more about how to use the unique Power Cards feature and improve your roster management skills. That and more will give you an increased chance at victory.

7 Tips for WWE 2K22's MyGM mode

One of WWE 2K22‘s most exciting new features is the return of General Manager mode, now renamed MyGM mode. Players take control of one of four shows and battle against an AI or human GM to see who can run the best show over a certain amount of weeks. This is definitely not as simple as it sounds, though. To be a successful general manager, players have to smartly manage finances, keep a drafted roster of superstars happy, consistently appeal to fans and more. Triple H, acting as commissioner, is present to guide you on the basics but simply doing those will not guarantee success.

For that extra bit of advice on how to defeat your rival general manager, here are 7 tips for WWE 2K22‘s MyGM mode.

Use Power Cards Regularly

Power Cards are short-term boosters which players can either purchase or earn throughout their general manager reign. There are a good variety of cards and they are divided into different types, depending on their benefits. These cards can be used to help with finances, superstars’ stamina and show ratings. A Health Spa card, for example, will allow you to send any wrestler to the spa for a week to regain stamina. It’s important to use the Power Cards that you buy/earn regularly. Roster wellness and finances can be tough to manage in WWE 2K22‘s MyGM, so they can be a lifesaver.

Double Cost will have the rival GM fuming

Double Cost will have the rival GM fuming

There is a very helpful card type that negatively affects the rival GM’s show. These range from doubling their costs to vetoing the use of their most popular superstar. They are expensive, and take note that they come into effect the week after being activated. A big tip, therefore, is to use them on the week before a PPV. I once used the Veto Out Power Card, and the opposing show’s most popular star happened to be their men’s champion. As a result, this championship was not defended on the PPV. A major rivalry was also unable to have a big conclusion. They lost fans in the process, which I gained. 

Don’t Always Listen to the Commissioner

As fore-mentioned, Triple H acts as the commissioner for WWE 2K22‘s MyGM mode. As well as guiding players through a tutorial, he will also offer Power Cards. Every week, he will set you an objective which, if achieved, will reward you with a card. These objectives vary in difficulty. Simple ones include putting a certain wrestler in a match or promo. More complicated requests, however, could be resting your champions which is often not ideal, given that they are likely your most popular stars.

Sometimes 'The Game' is not always right

Sometimes ‘The Game’ is not always right

Despite Triple H sometimes offering lucrative Power Cards, this tip is to not always try to complete the weekly objective. Fulfilling an objective should be an addition to a plan, rather than a change. Suddenly choosing to not use your champions, for example, can be too much of a risk. Rivalries may be unable to progress. The show’s quality may be lower than it would be due to a lack of star power. Sometimes that Free Arena card just ain’t worth it, especially when it could pop up in next week’s shop anyway.

Rest Stale Rivalries for PPVs

Rivalries are crucial to achieving success as a general manager. Without them, fans have little reason to be invested in a show’s matches. It’s important to have rivals interact with one another every week whether in a match or promo. If these segments rank highly then the rivalry will increase a level. The higher the level, the more popular a storyline will be. Once level 4 is reached, it’s time for that rivalry to end before it becomes stale. It can only culminate at a PPV, however, and sometimes that peak is met a couple weeks before the next major show.

Even the biggest Orton and Ricochet fans don't want to see this every week

Even the biggest Orton and Ricochet fans don’t want to see this every week

One solution to safely stretch out level 4 rivalries to a PPV is simply to book the rivals in call-out promos. Alternatively, you could book one of them in a match with a new opponent but have their enemy interfere. When the PPV arrives, their final match can be scheduled and it will not viewed as stale by the fans. Give it a special match type and a five-star rating is likely. Even in the virtual world, wrestling fans don’t enjoy watching two superstars wrestle each other week after week.

Look Out for PPV Match Type Bonuses

PPVs are the biggest shows on WWE 2K22‘s MyGM calendar. They are when yourself and the opposing GM let your biggest stars loose, put championships on the line and culminate rivalries under special match types. A lot of fans can change their brand allegiance depending on which GM puts on the better card. On these weeks, there are bonuses available such as holding your card in the PPV arena. They can give your side of the show an extra boost in the fight for fans.

Obvious choice for the Extreme Rules PPV

Obvious choice for the Extreme Rules PPV

A valuable bonus is specialty match types. Each PPV has a match type which, if booked, will increase that contest’s quality more than usual. For example, Extreme Rules has Extreme Rules as its specialty. Discovering this for each PPV before planning out the card is an important tip. Wrestlers can also have favoured match types. Combining the two together will guarantee you some big star ratings and bragging rights.

Sign Legends

Growing tired of using the same old wrestlers? You can shake up your roster by bringing in free agents at any point. This pool includes WWE superstars and low-rated ‘local talent’ created by Visual Concepts, such as the professional mime Silence. There’s also an option to sign legends. On a rotating basis, the likes of Andre the Giant and Trish Stratus are available to bring to your show. They can be provided with one last run in WWE.

You're spoilt for choice with these options

You’re spoilt for choice with these options

Signing legends is costly but highly recommended. By default, they have more star power than current-day superstars so will earn you higher match ratings. You could put two legends against one another with no rivalry and very likely get a 3 star rating. On social media, fans will voice their satisfaction of seeing an old favourite back in action. In WWE 2K22‘s MyGM mode, looking to the past is a good thing.

Pay Attention to the Journal

In the menu, the Journal is where every piece of important information will be recorded. Triple H’s weekly objectives will appear here, as well as promises you’ve made to superstars. You’ll be informed of how long you have to fulfil these promises. Expiring contracts and fan feedback are also in this section. It’s an area that you have to check carefully when undergoing short-term and long-term planning.

An easy way to know your roster's best match types

An easy way to know your roster’s best match types

This crucial tip is to not ignore the Journal. Not checking it on a weekly basis could cause you to forget about promises and contracts that are ending. The consequences would be bad in terms of roster morale and finances. Imagine you spend loads of money on a show, and then the following week your women’s champion messages you about their expiring contract. They want a pay rise you can’t afford because you didn’t prepare for it. Always read through your journal to avoid these kind of situations and continue to run a drama-free brand.

Don’t Accept Every Superstar Promise

The previous WWE 2K22 MyGM tip mentioned superstar promises being recorded in the Journal. At the beginning of a week, one or two members of your roster may message you asking for something. These requests can range from a week off to a championship match. Your answer will either have a positive or negative impact on morale. Sometimes, there can be a lot of promises to try to remember and fulfil. It can become a bit overwhelming. Your show may also suffer from plans changing in order to complete multiple promises at once.

Maybe don't ever tell WALTER

Maybe don’t ever tell WALTER “no”

A final tip is to be a ruthless GM and not allow your talent to have everything they want. Yes, rejecting a promise will mean a small decrease to a wrestler’s morale, but it’s better than accepting and not fulfilling it. Your men’s champion wants a rest on a big PPV day? Tell them no. You can continue with your main event plan and put on a highly rated match. That decision could be the difference between you winning or losing the MyGM season. You can deal with any morale-related consequences later.

Do you have any tips of your own for WWE 2K22‘s MyGM mode? Let me know in the comments below!

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