MultiVersus Open Beta Launches July 19th and 26th

Previously, we mentioned that Warner Bros' upcoming platform fighter, MultiVersus, would be getting its open beta this July. Now that we're here, we have a confirmed release date for the beta; next week for Early Access, and the week after for people not eligible for Early Access.

MultiVersus Open Beta Launches July 19th and 26th

Pre-release game betas are a good way to gauge player interest in a title, find things to fix, and ultimately, allow players to get their hands on the title earlier than release. DNF Duel is one such case; it’s had two pre-release betas, one in December 2021 and again in April 2022. Warner Bros.’ MultiVersus, an upcoming platform fighter featuring characters from Warner Bros. and DC Comics, and if you last remember, we talked about it having an open beta this month.

Well, we now have two starting dates for the next beta. The MultiVersus open beta will be beginning on July 19th, 2022 for PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, and PC via Steam. There’s also a brand-new character revealed in a new trailer from DC Comics’ YouTube channel: The Iron Giant from the movie of the same name. You can watch MultiVersus‘ brand-new trailer below.

MultiVersus | Official Gameplay Trailer | DC

Players can select any one of 16 characters from various Warner Bros. and DC properties, including Looney Tunes, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and the Justice League. Do note that of the sixteen characters, only four are playable at the start (Harley Quinn, Shaggy, Jake the Dog, and Taz), but the others are unlockable through gameplay. Some of the unlockable characters include Batman, Superman, Arya Stark (from Game of Thrones), Steven Universe, and Reindog, a brand-new character designed for MultiVersus.

As for accessing the Open Beta, there are two ways of doing it. First off, for Early Access next week, you’ll be sent a download code to the email associated with your WB Account (or your console client will push for an update), and you’ll be able to play it like that. If you aren’t eligible for early access, then you’ll be able to download and play it on July 26th. You’ll still need a WB Account, but it’s for you to access cross-play and cross-progression (enabling you to play with all players on all platforms and to carry your save between platforms).

MultiVersus is currently slated for a 2022 release window on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. The open beta this month begins on July 19th for Early Access and July 26th for everyone else. You can create a WB Account at their website.

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