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Roundup of EVO 2022 Announcements

EVO 2022 marks the official return of one of the world's most prestigious fighting game events. Amidst the triumph and heartbreaking defeat, several games announced new DLCs and titles! Guilty Gear, Tekken, Street Fighter, Multiversus and even SNK all had big news!

Roundup of EVO 2022 Announcements

With the end of EVO 2022, the Fighting Game Community (FGC) returns to the grind, training up for their next respective tournaments. To tide us over, Bandai NamcoArc System Works (ArcSys)SNKCapcom and Warner Brothers, have announced new updates for their games and upcoming releases! Just in case you missed it, here is a roundup of the EVO 2022 announcements! 

Tekken 8? Tekken Reboot?

Fans of Tekken were treated to a rather unusual announcement. After declaring the recommencement of the Tekken World Tour and upcoming balance adjustments, a teaser for a new title was shown. 

Tekken Teaser KazuyaThere hasn’t been any confirmation of the official name of this new project. Whilst most fans suspect it is Tekken 8, some have been led to believe that it could be a reboot given that the teaser started with Kazuya’s ending cinematic from Tekken 1.

Tekken 7 - Free Update & Global Finals Announcement

In the meantime, the aforementioned Battle Update will change the strength of certain characters and will also add a new combat effect at the wall. This appears to be a ‘wall crumple’ that happens upon being hit when you’re cornered.

Unlike the “wall bounce”, it seems to only allow for a few follow-up attacks, indicating that it may only give the attacker positive frames at most.

Bridget joins Guilty Gear: Strive!

A classic and beloved character finally makes her return to the Guilty Gear series! Bridget was last seen in ​Guilty Gear XX(2002) on the PlayStation 2. Seeing how characters such as Anji Mito and Testament have also returned to the franchise in this title, it’s clear that ArcSys want to revive the old cast and connect with their roots somewhat.

GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Season Pass 2 Playable Character #1 Trailer

Classified as an easy-to-use character, Bridget is a high-mobility keepaway, retaining most of his tools from older Guilty Gear games. Fans will be happy to know that she is available right now! So if her gameplay sounds like your style, start that download!

Juri Han and Kimberly join Street Fighter 6!

Fan favourite Taekwondo practicioner Juri Han and newcomer Kimberly, have been announced to be joining Capcom’s upcoming title. Alongside this announcement, is a full gameplay trailer demonstrating their movesets and personalities!

Street Fighter 6 - Kimberly and Juri Gameplay Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Both characters look extremely fun. Juri shows off her new damaging aerial strings whilst Kimberly brings deceptive mobility to the game with her ninjutsu. Street Fighter 6 is slated for a 2023 release and players can look forward to many more character announcements.

Fatal Fury Garou greenlit!

SNK have announced that they will be reviving the Fatal Fury Garou series, last seen in 1999. Long time fans celebrated as a small teaser trailer was released on day 3 of EVO 2022.

NEW FATAL FURY / GAROU | Teaser Trailer

Originally known as Garou: Mark of the Wolves, this fighting game is set in the King of Fighters universe but features an entirely separate cast of characters save for Rock Howard and Terry Bogard. Not much is known about this sequel, other than Rock reprising his role as the game’s protagonist, but it is likely the game’s systems will be making a return.

Multiversus Season 1

Warner Brothers’ platform fighter is set to release its first major title update. This will include classic arcade mode, a ranked mode, new cosmetics and new characters including the infamous Rick and Morty!

Multiversus Season 1

A release date is yet to be announced, but their official Twitter says that more news will be coming soon!

That’s all the major news for all upcoming fighting game content! Stay tuned to KeenGamer for more news and deeper analysis.

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