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Dota 2 team raises the bar for largest eSports prize ever

Chinese eSports team, Wings Gaming, have just earned $9,139,002 after winning the International 6 Dota 2 tournament in Seattle, Washington.

Dota 2 team raises the bar for largest eSports prize ever

After only two years in the professional scene, Wings Gaming has broken the Guinness World Record for the Largest single first prize in an eSports tournament – a total of  $9,139,002. The epic sum was made possible, in part, by the Battle Pass system implemented by Valve. The Battle Pass offers purchases new quests, rewards and goals whilst also putting 25% of the proceeds into the International 6 prize pool. The result was a similarly record-breaking $20,770,460 total prize pool.

The five-man team consisting of shadow, Zeyu, bLink, Faith_bian, y`, and iceice, are known for their unpredictability as well as their broad choice of heroes, preferring to keep their gameplay varied to stop things from getting 'stale'.

The Editor of Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer's Edition had this to say:

“Wings Gaming’s achievements are nothing short of extraordinary. They are a relatively new team, yet have won one of the most prestigious tournaments in the eSports calendar in style."

“As for the International itself the tournament’s huge prize pool illustrates how huge eSports has become, and highlights the innovative ways in which some of these incredible competitions are funded. For both gamers and fans alike, it’s extremely exciting."

With the youngest of the group being 17 years old, it's probably going to take awhile for the team to get used to being millionaires.

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