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ESL have announced ESL One Manila Chinese qualifiers

The qualifiers of the Southeast Asia's first premier Dota 2 tournament are announced. Today, several Chinese teams begin their battle for a US $250,000 prize pool.

ESL One Manila tournament prize for the first place
The qualifiers are going to be in the BO3 format with the Double Elimination system. Throughout the next four days, Asia’s finest will battle their way to the top, to conquer a slot in the ESL One Manila. Tune in today at 6 pm (GMT+8) to see 4 matches of Dota 2 going on at the same time!

Get to know how LGD will fare against TongFu/VG.P. At the same time check out the iG.V vs. CDEC.Y match. Don’t forget to watch the VG vs. iG/TRG battle. Lastly, see how Wings will play against CDEC.A.

Join https://www.twitch.tv/esl_joindotared to witness English cast by @LyricalDota @MotPax. 

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