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The International 19 Dota 2 Championships Prize Pool Surpasses $33 Million

This year's Dota 2 Championship prize pool has passed $33 million USD. The grand prize is substantially larger than last year's tournament. With crowd funding still underway, the grand prize is expect...

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Dota 2 team raises the bar for largest eSports prize ever

Chinese eSports team, Wings Gaming, have just earned $9,139,002 after winning the International 6 Dota 2 tournament in Seattle, Washington. After only two years in the professional scene, Wings Gaming...

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DOTA 2 – International 2016: Battle Pass offers too much!

International Battle Pass is known to feature an obscene amount of content. However, Battle Pass of this year is something you haven't seen before. International Battle Pass is known to feature an obs...

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DOTA 2 – Team Liquid won Epicenter tournament!

Having lost no map in the Upper Bracket of the Epicenter tournament, Team Liquid has won the tournament and the finals with a 3:2 score against NewBee. Having lost no map in the Upper Bracket of the E...

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Valve revealed invited DOTA 2 teams for Manila Major

While describing their approach to the invites of Manila Major, Valve also shared their thoughts on how their decision will impact the ecosystem of the Dota 2 scene. Having invited 12 teams, Valve lef...

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Latest Dota 2 update brings major changes

Of course, the most discussed and intriguing are changes to the Ranked All Pick mode as well as a new Scan ability. The update also contains new items and a bunch of balance adjustments. Of course, th...

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ESL have announced ESL One Manila Chinese qualifiers

The qualifiers of the Southeast Asia's first premier Dota 2 tournament are announced. Today, several Chinese teams begin their battle for a US $250,000 prize pool. The qualifiers are going to be in th...

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Valve is going to enter paid mods in Dota 2

Valve is going to enter paid mods in Counter-Strike and Dota 2 Valve representatives admitted that they made a "big mistake" by trying to enter into Steam toll system modifications. However,...

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DOTA 2 – new comic and workshop redesigned

DOTA 2 - new comic and workshop redesigned. You can read a short comic book at DOTA2 page. Just check it! And what other news are on the table? DOTA2 Workshop has been redesigned to include a voting q...

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