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Valve is going to enter paid mods in Dota 2

Valve is going to enter paid mods in Counter-Strike and Dota 2

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Valve representatives admitted that they made a "big mistake" by trying to enter into Steam toll system modifications. However, for developers it makes it more difficult to continue in developing the idea into a full service.

Pay mods were implemented for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, creating a new platform called Skyrim Steam Workshop. The decision has caused a lot of negative reviews. Head of Business Development Valve Erik Johnson is convinced that the idea of the introduction of fee-based modes is still relevant, and the errors that occurred earlier will help not to repeat them in the future.

"Of course, we have not finished some of the details. In the future we plan to repeat the introduction of paid mods but on their own games, such as stickers Counter Strike, or subject sets in DOTA 2. In these games for a long time people get paid for their own works. Our customers know our methods of work, and I believe that they understand our thinking ", – said Johnson.

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Valve representatives considered a new idea to reward people for their efforts and work. After the failure of paid mods for Skyrim the company said that their efforts "we not understood." Johnson also called the error range of the fifth part of The Elder Scrolls as a test site because the game has created a strong community with its own unspoken rules and traditions.



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    Please write an article with some respect for the literate. Thank you.

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      Thank you for your comment. We will check all the articles before publishing them.


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