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The International 19 Dota 2 Championships Prize Pool Surpasses $33 Million

This year's Dota 2 Championship prize pool has passed $33 million USD. The grand prize is substantially larger than last year's tournament. With crowd funding still underway, the grand prize is expected to continue to grow before the tournament concludes on August 25.

The International 19 Prize Pool Surpasses $33 Million

The Dota 2 championship “The International 19” grand prize has officially passed $33 million dollars, the largest total ever awarded in the history of the event.

At the time of this article’s writing, the prize pool is currently sitting at $33,070,086 USD. That leaves the first place winning team with a whopping $15,046,889 USD.

At last year’s The International 18 in Vancouver, first place team OG took home $11,190,158 USD. This year’s prize pool is substantially bigger than last year’s tournament and even outweighs the $30 million grand prize from the Fortnite World Cup that took place last month.

OG at The International 18

Dota 2 uses crowd funding to support the winnings for The International. 25% of all earnings from Dota 2’s battle pass go directly towards the prize pool. With crowd funding still taking place, it is likely that the grand prize will continue to grow before the competition ends.

The championship officially kicked off today in Shanghai and will run until August 25, 2019. For a full list of details of the event, make sure to visit Liquipedia.

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