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Dota 2 – Content analysis

Dota 2 - Content analysis and new hero - Techies.

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Dota 2 welcomes its most explosive personalities: Techies. Beware, traps are everywhere!


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At Gamespot articles is also the description of Arcane techies.

Dota 2 Techies - The Swine of the Sunken Galley (Arcana item)

There are many more changes in the latest patch. Like All Random Deathmatch

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Gallery of Triumphs – new trophy section.

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All-Hero Challenge – where you get a random hero assigned for use in the next match up.

And many more. Like All-Hero Challenge, Assured Victory Shout, Battle Glory Kill Banner, The International 2014 Music Pack, UI Updates and more.

Also list of New League Passes.

All can be found in the link below.

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