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World War Z Challenge Mode Guide: Just Body Shots

Struggling with World War Z's Challenge Mode this week? Don't worry, everyone is. You can run, shoot from a distance, or even get a good headshot this week, making the overwhelming hordes of undead just a bit more deadly. We've got you covered with some tips for each part of the mission, Deep Seas Stroll though, as well as some tactical pointers that should help you avoid losing at any point during World War Z Just Body Shots.



We produce a guide for World War Z Challenge Mode every week. This week, ‘World War Z Just Body Shots’ is the challenge. Check out past challenges below.

This week, World War Z is going a little easier on us, just a little though. Challenge Mode this week presents us with a weird combination of modifiers, but if you pay close attention to them then you’ll notice that they all play into each other. It isn’t going to be easy, but you will get through Challenge Mode this week, even if you have to be downed and even turned a couple of times. As always, watch your teammate’s backs, because they’ll be watching yours. Check out this video walkthrough of the mission, then read on for our tips. 

World War Z - Hard Challenge Mode Solo - Week of May 18-24, 2020- Fixer(With Explosive Ammo)


  • Just a ScratchZombies won’t take any damage from headshots.
  • Asthma – You will slowly lose your health, at a rate of 3% per second, when sprinting.
  • Limited Reach – All firearms won’t deal damage on a distance longer than 50 metres, or 165 feet.

Encounter 1 – Get Out of the Open

In World War Z Just Body Shots, taking your time is extremely important

In World War Z Just Body Shots, taking your time is extremely important

This Encounter is really simple, just get from the start of the mission, to the first gate. All you need to do is move slowly forwards, because running will actually kill you this week. Make sure you’re coordinated, killing all the zombies around you before you move on. This is made pretty difficult by silenced weapons, since they wont’ attract the zombies who are far away from you. This is the one time that going loud is a good idea, because it draws all the zombies to you, and lets you kill them with ease in an open area. Once you’re up the steps, look out for some zombies falling in behind you. This is also when the zombies elsewhere in the map will run after you, so stay together and kill them all as they get stuck on one another on these stairs. With that, you should be at the gate, and ready for the next encounter. 

Encounter 2 – The Dam

The damn in World War Z Just Body Shots can be a run killer

The damn in World War Z Just Body Shots can be a run killer

This is where you’ll be facing off against your first swarm. Get into the area and kill all the zombies you can first. Then you need to search for any defences that might be lying around, these will be super important for your survival. Since you can’t run, unless you want to do, you’ll need to be well-defended, and very quick at killing any zombies that get up onto your level. When the swarm starts, you can use the mortars around the area to take out great chunks of them. Any Exterminators should use molotovs to keep the climbing hordes at bay, or you could jump on a turret and blast away at the undead. 

If any zombies manage to climb up, make sure you prioritise protecting your civilian. If the timer pops up, get to the gate and kill those zombies, because I failed a lot when we just ignored it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed here, so try to stick in pairs, take down all the zombies that you can before they climb up, and don’t dawdle when there are special zombies running about. When you’ve successfully survived, you’ll be able to move on to the next encounter. Don’t hold everyone up, and get through the door to the stairs pronto. 

Encounter 3 – The Turbine Hall

The turbine hall of World War Z Just Body Shots is easy if you stick together

The turbine hall of World War Z Just Body Shots is easy if you stick together

This is a hellish encounter, made all the worse by the issue that zombies aren’t taking headshot damage. The hall is filled with the undead, and all you need to do at first is slowly work your way through it, while killing the zombies that ambush you. Stay together and you should be fine. If you move off on your own, I’d say you’re dead. Once you get to a certain point, you’ll be prompted to activate a switch. Again, work as a group to find the right set of stairs to get up to the switch, and move up their slowly, killing every zombie you come across.

Activating the switch will open the massive doors, welcoming in a horde of zombies, containing a few special zombies as well. Work your way back down to the ground floor and escape as a group. Speed is the key here, but the lack of it. If you run, you’ll waste precious health, and if you don’t stick together, one of you is going to die. Once you’re outside, you’re into the penultimate encounter. 

Encounter 4 – Get to the Garage

Getting to the garage in World War Z Just Body Shots is more of a chore than a challenge

Getting to the garage in World War Z Just Body Shots is more of a chore than a challenge

Once you’re out of the Turbine Hall, you need to make your way to the garage. Here you’ll be dropping down into a lower level, filled with zombies, and working your way towards the road. As you move, be careful to take out all the zombies in the area. Once you drop into the road, the ones that you’ve left will follow quickly and try to overwhelm you. Since you’ve got to go slow because running will kill you, you should get through this part with little difficulty.

Once you’re on the road, load up with new weapons and ammo before starting the swarm. This swarm is a bit different because it comes at you through a barricade that’s already been built. You shouldn’t see many zombies until you come to a cluster of mines. Instead of disarming these, leave them in place so that the zombies will blow up chunks of the swarm with them. If you stay back, most of the zombies should end up exploded, or caught on barbed wire. Keep shooting and you should kill all of them before any can get close to you. Once you’ve killed them all, you’ll be at the garage. 

Encounter 5 – Gather Car Parts

Make sure you play the objective in this encounter in world War Z Just Body Shots and get those car parts

Make sure you play the objective in this encounter in world War Z Just Body Shots and get those car parts

This encounter is one of the most stressful in the game. You need to gather car parts, the number varies depending on whether you’re in Normal Challenge Mode or Hard Challenge Mode, before the timer runs out. When the timer hits zero, the swarm will hit, and make life so difficult that you may as well reset. The car parts are scattered around the location, and you’ll need to move around and explore in order to find them. The game does prompt you to a few, but the early ones will need to be found through exploration. 

Work in pairs, and watch out for Lurkers. Zombies pop out of every nook and cranny in this encounter, and it’s infuriating when you’re downed too far away from a teammate. If you’re methodical and as quick as you can be, you should be able to gather all the car parts before the swarm hits. If you do take too long, don’t worry. The swarm will make life very difficult, and you may not survive, but push through if you can, because you should have most of the parts by the time the swarm comes. 

Best Class for the Job

There isn’t really a superior class this week. Medics are always useful, as is explosive ammo from the Fixer, and Exterminators definitely have their place with their molotovs. Really, if you have a class that you’re proficient with, and max level with, then use them. It’s better to be working with a class that you understand than one that you haven’t got a clue about. 


Work together. If you’re all too far apart in the mission, you’ll easily be picked off one by one. Reviving someone without the ability to run is awful, and since zombies can take as many headshots as you can make, you’re going to be slower at killing them with only body shots. World War Z Just Body Shots is definitely an annoying Challenge Mode, but it’s far from impossible. Even if you’re playing with randoms, stick with it and you should get through in just a couple of runs. 


World War Z Just Body Shots is an easier challenge that could still kill you

World War Z Just Body Shots is an easier challenge that could still kill you

I understand why these modifiers have been used in this mission. There are loads of areas where it’s usually possible to shoot zombies from a great distance, but now you’re forced to kill at close range. Still, I didn’t find that too much of a restriction and simply waited a little longer before I opened fire. The other modifiers make the mission interesting, but nowhere near as much as some of the previous Challenge Modes we’ve had. It is a nice change from the usual missions, and something to do instead of try to complete the new Episode on Insane difficulty, for a while, and that’s all that really matters. 

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