World War Z Challenge Mode Guide: Nemesis In World War Z

Challenge Mode in World War Z this week is insane. Don't go in without reading our guide first. Not only do you have the joy of dealing with a modifier that stops you from sprinting, but you have to get through the mission, slowly this time, whilst being relentlessly pursued by an invincible Bull. These zombies can destroy a team without the added effects of other modifiers, but with them it just becomes a hot mess.


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With another week comes another challenge for World War Z, and this week is a super tough one. If the phrase ‘Nemesis in World War Z‘ didn’t give it away, I don’t know what will. While the image above says that the mission is Descent, it’s wrong, like it was last week. This week’s mission is actually part of Episode 3: Moscow, Battle Of Nerves. It’s quite an easy mission when played outside of Challenge Mode, but these modifiers really do play havoc with any sort of plans you put in place. I’d recommend running through the mission without them first, just to refresh your memory, then get ready for zombie-infested hell to ensue. 


  • Nemesis – You will be chased throughout the entire mission by a Bull that can’t be killed.
  • Asthma – You will slowly lose your health (3% per second) when sprinting.
  • Light Waves – Zombie waves will be twice shorter.

Encounter 1: Get Below Ground While Avoiding Nemesis


The tunnels look so inviting, but they’re even more deadly this week

The start of the mission is pretty simple, you just need to go through the tunnels that lead to a large door, and then get that door open. Unfortunately, you need to get an NPC called Svetlana to that giant door in order for it to be opened. The invincible Bull, or Nemesis in World War Z as I’ve taken to calling him, will appear just as you enter the tunnels. What I found was the best tactic for dealing with this Bull at the start was having one player stay back, while the others move towards the door and prepare defences for the coming swarm. 

The swarm will be less intense than usual, but you’ll want to get all your defences up before the invincible Bull arrives. The player that is hanging back can down the Bull fairly quickly by shooting its legs, but the Bull will keep getting back up and pursuing the entire team. The zombie becomes quite hard to deal with if you don’t give yourself some escape routes in the first swarm, so pay attention to where you’re standing. 

One player should protect Svetlana, since the door won’t open if she’s downed or dies. The rest of you can be killing zombies from up high on the platform, or on the vehicles around the area. If you can get the electric grid up on the van, that would be the best possible situation. The Bull will attack whoever is nearest, so lure it over the van and onto that electric grid. Since the zombie won’t die, it’ll just keep getting shocked and be pinned for most of the encounter. If it attempts to run up to the platform and attack you, drop off, move over the van, and run back up to the platform. The Bull will take ages to pursue you, and probably be downed by a teammate before it does. 

Once you’ve killed all the zombies in the swarm, the door will open. 

Encounter 2: Get To The Airlock


This is the section that I died the most in. Do not underestimate the powerful combination of too many zombies, and Nemesis in World War Z

Move through the door as soon as it’s open. You should already be aware, but do not sprint. It’s hard not to because of the invincible Bull, but you’ll just die if you sprint due to the Asthma modifier. Move through the door, up the stairs, and outside to the interior of the underground facility. You need to head down, towards the next section of the facility, where there is an elevator. Zombies will begin pouring in, so stay back and deal with them as they appear. 

Early on as you move down, you’ll see turrets. Try to capture them, because they’ll help you out as you move forward, but it’s not essential. Just before you head into the square, approaching the elevator access, the Bull will climb up the side of the facility and attack you. Once again, keep one player back to take the Bull down, preventing it from causing too many deaths around the elevator. This section around the elevator is claustrophobic, and made even more stressful by the horde of zombies that swarms in after you call the elevator. Use the fire on the floor to keep zombies at bay from one angle, all while having someone dedicated to dealing with the Bull. 

Once the elevator has arrived, it’s time to move. Get through this section quickly, without sprinting, and into the facility once again. Watch out for turrets here. You can capture them if you know where they are, but it’s not essential, as before. If you do capture them, they’ll slow the Bull down a little. However, it’s more important to get through these closer areas as fast as possible, because zombies will build up fast. The end of the area is an airlock, the one at the end of the corridor with zombies behind glass on either side. Get in here, and don’t hold up your team.

Interestingly, if the Bull does make it into the airlock, it’ll die.

Encounter 3: Activate The Nerve Gas


This is the very end of the mission, but it can also be the place that you die and fail

This is the finale of the mission. Here you’re tasked with activating a console, then waiting for five instructions. The instructions relate to consoles around the area, and you need to activate them in the order that they’re called out. It’s really very simple, but it’s made almost impossible by the invincible Bull. I couldn’t tell if the Bull turned up based on a timer, or based on the number of consoles activated, but for me it appeared when two consoles were already activated, and the third command had been given. 

It’s so hard to keep an eye on the Bull in this area, but try to. More and more zombies keep piling in as this encounter goes on, so everyone is constantly firing and reloading all the time. Try to have one player that’s dedicated to activating the consoles, because you could all die if no one does anything about them. If someone is able to down the Bull as they see it, they should. This thing will make your lives hell in this area, and it’s the worst place to fail, because you’ll have to restart from the beginning. 

It’s worth saving a Heavy weapon for the Bull in this area specifically. It’s a very difficult enemy to have moving around all the time, so put it down as soon as it gets up.

Best Class For The Job


Medic perks are mostly geared towards helping the team, so they’re a great class to choose this week

I main Medic, so that’s the class I went with. I saw most other players going for this class, too, but really it just depends on which one you’re best with. Considering how harmful the Bull in this mission is, it’s worth playing with a class that has a full loadout of perks. Gear those perks to helping out the entire team, not just yourself, and you should all be good. 


Pay attention to the modifiers. Sprinting will kill you fast, so get into the habit of not doing it. Other than that, you need to maintain fire on the invincible Bull, Nemesis in World War Z, as much as you can. He’s easy to spot because he’s gold and glows, so shoot him every time you see him moving. It takes him a while to get into range of ramming you, but if he does you should turn a corner quickly. Since no one can sprint, you’ll probably be dead if you get downed by the thing. This hurts the team a lot more in Hard Mode, where the respawn timer is three-minutes long.


This is a real challenge. As far as Challenge Modes go, I’ve never had so much trouble with one since the game launched. It’s thoroughly enjoyable, but it’s going to frustrate anyone who isn’t prepared when they go in. The invincible Bull really is an unstoppable force that will hunt you every step of the way. It feels like a joke, but when you’re actually playing, it’s more like a nightmare. If you manage to get through Hard Mode, my hat goes off to you, because I couldn’t.

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