World War Z Challenge Mode Guide: Undying VS Undead

This week, World War Z presents a Challenge mode that isn't quite as impossible as last week, but it's more than possible if you use this guide. Instead, you're faced with never dying, but you'll lose 25% of your max health every time you're downed. To top that off, you also have twice as many zombie swarms to deal with. Oh, did I mention that the zombies also now won't stagger?

World War Z Challenge Mode Guide: Undying VS Undead

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World War Z‘s Challenge Mode this week isn’t quite as mad as last week, which pitted us against what was effectively Nemesis in World War Z, but it’s still a tough one to get through. Oddly enough I really noticed how much I died in the normal version of the mission compared to the Challenge Mode version, but we’ll get into that soon. If you’re considering taking on the Undying vs Undead Challenge Mode this week, then it’s a good time to do it. It’s hard, but it’s also a good entry point for any World War Z player who might have been putting off the more difficult content that the game has on offer until now. 


  • Perfect Condition – You can’t be killed by being incapacitated, but every time you are incapacitated it will take 25% off of your maximum health. Your health won’t drop below 10% of its original value though. 
  • Restless Hordes – Zombie waves will arrive twice as often; be scared. 
  • Iron Hide – Zombies are harder to stagger with bullets. 

Encounter 1: The Streets

Make your way to the port

Make your way to the port

This early part of the encounter goes from the beginning, all the way to when you first meet up with the military. It’s always important to use silenced weapons here, because you can take down a significant number of zombies without them all being alerted to your presence. The only tips I really have for this area are to explore it, and watch out for Lurkers. You can find a decent Heavy Weapon, and a Virus Sample in this early area, but you could also be incapacitated. The Lurker is a bit random in where it spawns, but it will probably take you down here because everyone splits up to explore. 

When you reach the gates in this area, get ready to be assaulted. Zombies come from your left, so take some time to kill them all before advancing. Just around the corner from the area, you’ll be attacked by another small horde. I was unlucky enough to have two Bulls attack me here, so really do watch out for that. 

As soon as you meet up with the military, you’ll need to defend against a zombie swarm. This is where you’ll notice two major elements of this week’s Challenge Mode. Zombies that would usually stumble under your gunfire won’t, instead you’ll need to simply deal with the fact that a lot of zombies will reach you, so be prepared. You’ll also find that more zombies than you remember will swarm at you here. That’s part of this week’s Challenge Mode too, and it doesn’t ever get easy. 

Encounter 2: Planting The Bombs


Plant the bombs.

If you’ve played this mission through before, you should know the drill by now. You need to head into the large warehouse, plant a load of bombs, and then get out. Getting in is the easy part, but take your time to scan the area for weapons and other helpful items, you’re going to need them. 

Once inside, head straight for the various locations around the warehouse that have bombs for you to pick up. Get one in your possession and try to plant them as quickly as possible. Thanks to the Restless Horde modifier you’re going to have twice as many zombies to deal with, including specials. This is the encounter in which you’ll really feel that undying vs undead theme of the Challenge Mode. You won’t die when you’re incapacitated, but you’ll become weaker every time. I got to the point when I was being revived, only to take one swipe from a zombie and go immediately back down. Keep your health up, back up your teammates, and get this encounter over and done with as soon as you can. 

Encounter 3: Get To The Boat


Get to the boat.

This is the most intense part of the entire mission. Once you’re out of the building, you’ll need to hold out against swarm after swarm on a large bridge while you wait for a boat to be ready to go. The first thing you should do is scour the area for support items. Set up every turret, barricade, and electric fence that you can, then get ready. Since Restless Horde is active there will be twice the number of zombies per swarm, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that this looks like a sea of the undead coming towards you. 

The best thing to do is get to a vantage point where you can see most angles of entry for the swarms, and fire at the zombies with everything you have. Keep an eye on ammo and don’t run out. If you do, you might find yourself cornered while you try to get to restock. You need to hold out for around three minutes, which feels like a lifetime by the end, but keep an eye on your objective because the next bit is important. 

Don’t forget to get to the boat!

When I attempted the hard difficulty of this week’s Challenge Mode, I lost right as the boat was about to go, and end the mission as it did. I lost because one player wasn’t checking their objective, and kept on killing zombies when they should have been getting to the boat. When you’re all on the boat, the mission is over, but if one of you doesn’t reach it in time, and you all die, it’s mission failed. This is frustrating to say the least. Don’t do it. 

Best Class For The Job


Best class – Exterminator.

Fire. Fire is the best class for the job, but it’s not a class in itself. When I played through Challenge Mode this week, it was fire that seemed to be the best weapon for the huge number of zombies swarming the team. Any class that you have a few levels on that can use fire consistently will be a huge boon to any team this week. The Exterminator has molotov cocktails, which is what I think was so helpful when I was playing, but I also picked up the flamethrower when I saw it. That helped a lot. 


Stay alive, do not get incapacitated. This mission is so much harder when you have a health penalty, so try not to put that on your team. If you’re a Medic main, then equip the perk that allows you to revive others with a Stim Shot, that helped the teams I was on. It makes it easier to avoid big crowds of zombies and getting eaten alive yourself as well. 


This week’s Undead vs Undying prompt is definitely a challenge, but it’s one that feels possible. Last week’s Challenge Mode felt like the developers were going for the pro players of World War Z, but this week they’re just having a go at everyone else. As I mentioned at the start, this is a great entry point to Challenge Mode for any player, so load it up and get in there if you’ve never tried it before. 

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