World War Z Units Sold Now Surpasses 3 Million Worldwide

The third-person, zombie shooter has now recorded official sales in excess of 3 million units. This is significantly more than the last financial report and indicates that World War Z is growing in popularity. The developers, Saber Interactive, have now been bought by Embracer Group as a result.

World War Z Units Cover

In their latest financial reports, Embracer Group have reported that the hugely successful third-person shooter, zombie game has now exceeded 3 million units sold. The last official report, in June 2019, stated that 2 million World War Z units had been shifted. 

The full year report says:

“During the quarter we were happy to announce the acquisition of Saber Interactive, completed on April 1. Saber Interactive is a leading game developer and publisher with more than 600 employees across six countries. Saber has been on our radar for a long time because of their deep history of consistently high-quality work. Their ambitious moves towards self-funded projects in recent years have been particularly impressive, especially World War Z that sold more than three million units.”

World War Z is loosely based on the book, and film, of the same name and features groups of up to 4 people fighting against endless hoards of zombies in a plethora of recognizable locations e.g New York, Tokyo, Paris etc. Such is the accessibility of the game, and the constant updates to improve it, World War Z might be around for some time yet.

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World War Z - GOTY Edition Launch Trailer

World War Z is now available to buy on PS4, Xbox, and PC.

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